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Xbox Features & Game Pass Coming To Smart TVs

The value that Xbox Game Pass offers the customer is unrivalled, and now they’re planning the move to TVs as its next big step.

Undoubtedly this is cause for excitement as every smart TV sold in the future could have the ability to play games with just a controller and internet connection required.

Xbox Features & Game Pass On TVs

At this moment in time, Xbox Game Pass is not readily available on TVs of any kind. There have been talks about an app that could launch in the future.

Based on today’s announcement, though, it appears this will be the case sooner rather than later.

They said: "Xbox is working with global TV manufacturers to embed the Xbox experience directly into internet-connected televisions with no extra hardware required except a controller."

Microsoft also announced they are working on new subscription models to ensure more gamers can access a service that suits them. This could mean a standalone TV Game Pass offering for games that are playable on the service.

Is Game Pass Coming To Browsers?

Yes, kind of. Starting in the next few weeks, cloud gaming will be available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Users of Edge, Chrome or Safari will never be more than a click away from some of their favourite Game Pass titles.

What was initially marketed as xCloud appears to mostly be referred to as just cloud gaming. Since the initiative was first spoken about, multiple betas have taken place and it appears a full launch is on the horizon.

Game Pass Launch Titles

One significant piece of information from this release is around games that have launched on Game Pass.

MLB: The Show 21 was the first in the series to ever feature on the Xbox platform. It did so as a standard release but also available on Game Pass.

MLB on Xbox Game Pass
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MLB: The Show 21 enjoyed a successful first appearance on Xbox.

MLB was the biggest sports game of the past year and the second biggest of all time ever on Xbox. It also was the number one game for sales in April. Despite its place on Game Pass, many people still purchased the game digitally.

Another notable title was Square Enix’s Outriders. This also launched on Game Pass and was a top 10 digital seller for the month of April, and the number one game overall when Game Pass downloads were factored in.

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