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25 Sep 2018

NBA Live 19: Best Slasher Build and Traits

Considering it's titled 'NBA Live 19: The One Edition', it's no surprise that The One is the feature of this game. You'll be able to forge a career in a number of different game styles with your own customizable player, but first you'll need to choose what type of player he or she will be. To start your career, click on the character select option on the right side of your home screen. 

You’ll then need to choose what type of player you wish to play with, and for this article we’ll be focussing on the slasher play style. Slashers all start with the same basic skills. His or her layup and dribbling skills will both receive a 74/95 rating, while passing, shot off the dribble, and mid-range shot will all start at 74/88. 

They also have a couple of traits which are specific to this playing style. The first of these is the ‘pick and drive, an offensive trait which gives a slight boost to your finishing when using a pick to drive. The second is ‘sure handles’, which means that while dribbling the ball you receive a small stamina boost and a slight reduction to the chance of losing the ball.

Once you’ve chosen your play style, you’ll be presented with a choice of three different icons. These icons are All-Star players, past or present, and your player will embody a similar skill set to whichever one you choose. So, to get the most enjoyment out of the slasher playing style, which of these three icons should you go for?

After you select your gender (we’ll use male height and weight to keep it simple) and slasher as your play style, three icon options are presented: Beast Mode - who emulates Russell Westbrook - The Answer - who emulates Allen Iverson - and the Spark - who emulates Candace Parker.

Best Slasher Icon

Beast Mode

Beast Mode’s specialized icon skill is dunking, which can reach 85, and he or she will be able to boost their 3-point shot, free throw, dunk, rebounding, steal, speed and stamina. You’ll also be granted a temporary speed boost and an increased ability to finish at the rim on a change of possession. The Beast Mode player maxes out as an incredibly explosive guard who is elite in transition, can make outside shots, and can run all day.

The Answer

The Answer’s specialized icon skill is the steal, and can receive skill boosts on 3-point shooting, inside shooting, free throws, dunks, on-ball defense, speed and stamina. When he or she scores, you’ll earn yourself an improved ability to beat defenders off the dribble, make step backs, and finish inside. This player can become a speedy guard, capable of scoring in a variety of different ways, and is a risk-taking defender.

The Spark

The Spark’s specialized icon skill is the shot block, and is able to earn boosts on 3-point shooting, inside shooting, free throws, shooting off-dribble, passing, stamina and strength. When you finish at the rim with this player, you’ll become better able to blow by defenders as well as nail mid-range shots. This player at their best is a threat both inside and outside, able to score from just about anywhere, and a capable defender.

Though all of these are great icons - the Slasher is one of the best archetypes in the game - the best of them is Beast Mode. The ability to be so dangerous on transition gives an added element of excitement to the game, and with a specialized icon of dunking you can create some seriously fun highlights. You might not be racking up assist numbers like Russell Westbrook, but you can certainly move around the court and take it to the rack like he can.

Best Slasher Build

For Beast Mode, ideally you want a bit of size and strength, as a large part of the finishing that you do will be inside. At the same time, you need to maintain your speed - the basis of this player’s game - and a player measuring in at 187cm and 89kg is a good way to balance these two needs. A Beast Mode slasher of this size will have speed and stamina of 84, a solid vertical of 77, and good strength at 73.

To summarize: for a slasher, the best icon choice and build for your player is a 187cm, 89kg Beast Mode player. This guy can use his or her solid frame to finish through traffic, while also being able to move as quickly as most players in the game. The speed boost granted to this player on possession changes means you’ll get plenty of transition opportunities, and with such strong dunking ability, you can really capitalize on them.

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