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NBA 2K23: The W Courtside Report features Game Changers and Community Challenges

We're just around the corner from the release of NBA 2K23 and there are some big upgrades coming to The W.

From the Community Goals to Game Changers, we've got everything you need to know from the latest Courtside Report.

NBA 2K23 The W Courtside Report

We're learning more about different areas of NBA 2K23 and today a Courtside Report was revealed for The W.

The game mode received a massive overhaul with the intent to draw more players to the platform. Community Goals is one of the most notable features.

NBA 2K23 The W
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NEW FEATURES: The Community Goal hub rewards those who help the community

Along with Community Goals come new features such as Game Changers and new rewards, both of which will give you a reason to play.

You can also play in the All Star and Commissioner's Cup for the first time in The W of NBA 2K23.

Let's start our Courtside Report breakdown with Community Goals and how they work.

Community Goals

The Community Goals hub will allow players to earn extra rewards, quite literally as a community. This should drum up engagement in the game mode.

Each Season will feature six weekly goals the community can work together to reach. If the community is able to reach the collective goal in four out of the six weeks in that Season, every NBA 2K23 player will receive a reward

Your rewards will be based on how much you contribute to the goal.

Game Changers

This will likely become the most popular reason that players jump into The W in NBA 2K23. The Game Changers will provide player boosts and can unlock rewards.

Game Changers also have the ability to imbue other players in The W Online with Player Boosts to help push the community to reach our goals.

NBA 2K23 The W
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GAME CHANGERS: Grow your MyPLAYER with these new additions

Game Changers unlocks exclusive rewards to The W Online, including Team Takeover Boosts.

Here are each of the NBA 2K23 The W Team Takeover Boosts:

  • Helping Hand - Gift a percentage of your takeover actions to a teammate who needs help filling their bucket
  • Accelerator - Fill the takeover meter faster
  • Extender - This useful boost extends the duration a takeover is active
  • Resilience - Minimizes the effect of a negative action that would otherwise cause the meter to decrease

You'll be able to earn Game Changers by working through solo challenges in The W and helping out the NBA 2K23 Community.

Contact Challenges and Extended Universe

The final area that was revealed in the Courtside Report is the Contact Challenges and extended NBA 2K23 The W universe.

As you progress through The W, the Contact Challenges will get harder and earn you Player Boosts and Historic Contacts.

NBA 2K23 The W
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CONTACT CHALLENGES: Complete challenges and earn rewards in The W

The universe in The W was also extended and now your MyPLAYER will now have the opportunity to make the All-Star team and participate in the All-Star game.

Commissioner’s Cup games are another new addition, culminating in the high stakes final Cup game.

To read the full Courtside Report for NBA 2K23 The W, head here.

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