NBA 2K24: Can you change takeover?

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takeovers in NBA 2K24

The new 2K basketball simulation is here, and the players cannot wait to explore fresh features and enjoy improvements. However, NBA 2K24 comes with a hefty amount of changes and tweaks. One of those changes is how Takeovers work. In this article we will explain how the new system works and answer this question: Can you change takeover in NBA 2K24?

The MyCAREER mode is surely one of the most popular among the 2K franchise fans. Creating MyPLAYER is always exciting, but in NBA 2K24, you can see that something is missing in the builder. The Takeover Badges are not there anymore.

But don’t worry, 2K didn’t remove them; they just implemented them differently in NBA 2K24.

Can you change takeover in NBA 2K24?

Although the Takeovers are still in the game, they are not part of the MyPLAYER builder process anymore. Now, instead of Takeover Badges, you can choose which takeover you want in real-time directly during an NBA game.

The menu will appear when you fill up the Takeover meter, so you can select one of the Takeover abilities from it. There are five categories:

  • Finishing
  • Shooting
  • Playmaking
  • Defense/Rebounding
  • Physicals

After choosing one of the categories, your player’s abilities will improve. However, note that you CANNOT change takeovers.

How do the NBA 2K24 Takeover icons work?


Let’s say you filled the Takeover meter. A pop-up menu will offer you five icons to choose from. X is Finishing, Square is Shooting, Triangle is Playmaking, L1 is Defense/Rebounding, and R1 is Physicals. If you decide to wait and skip this, you will have an opportunity to activate Double Takeover when the meter appears again.

NBA 2K24
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Of course, you have to play well and accumulate points, rebounds, assists, and other key basketball categories to unlock the Takeover meter. Whichever you choose, bear in mind that they will last for a limited time.

So, the whole Takeover system in NBA 2K24 is different from NBA 2K23, and hopefully, we managed to help in understanding it. Can you change takeover in NBA 2K24? The answer is NO. But you can still have a lot of fun using the new system, whether it is the traditional, double, or Team Takeover.

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