MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Predictions: Best players to buy now and sell later (June 24)

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More player ratings will be in flux as the next MLB The Show 22 roster update is now confirmed to be just a few days away.

We've got details on some top names in these MLB The Show 22 roster update predictions so you can get your investments in now.

MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Predictions (June 24)

The biweekly MLB The Show 22 roster update schedule continues to deliver, and we've now got confirmation of when the next one will arrive.

After a week with some minor transactions, the next MLB The Show 22 roster update is scheduled for Friday, June 24, 2022 and will deploy around Noon PT.

MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Predictions May 13
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QUICKSELL VALUES: You can see how things changed from MLB The Show 21

Flipping cards you've chosen to invest in and selling them either on the market or with the increased quicksell value is the best way to make Stubs following each attribute adjustment.


Investments are always a risk, but they can payoff big time if you make the right play ahead of these player ratings adjustments.

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Diamond Plus: Bryce Harper (89 OVR)

If you've got a little money to invest in some Diamonds, Bryce Harper is in the 7000 to 8000 Stubs range right now with his card at an 89 OVR rating.

Harper has been delivering in the last few weeks, and any jump to 90+ OVR ratings will likely see his price take a major bump in the marketplace.

Gold to Diamond: Rafael Devers & Sandy Alcantara (84 OVR)

We've got two key players on the cusp of Diamond status this week, and Devers seems as ready as can be with continued dominance at bat and even Sony San Diego giving him the Lightning card for May Monthly Awards.


Devers may finally see himself at Diamond this week, and the same could ring true for Sandy Alcantara who has had just a 0.95 ERA across his last 7 games.

Both of them have been close before, and any investments that don't payoff this week may finally come to fruition in a future update.

Silver to Gold: Ryan Mountcastle (79 OVR) & Bryan Reynolds (78 OVR)

Finally, we have a few more affordable investments in current Silver tier players Ryan Mountcastle and Bryan Reynolds.

With 8 RBIs across his last 7 games, Mountcastle is likely to manage the 1-point bump to Gold with a future Diamond upgrade possible if he continues to play well.

Bryan Reynolds has had a solid year with the Pirates, and his 19 Hits and 7 RBIs across their last 15 games could be the ticket to a Gold tier upgrade.