MLB The Show 22 will not be delayed by MLB lockout according to new report

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MLB The Show 22 is expected in just a few short months, and there's been some major uncertainty as the league is still stuck in a lockout.

Fortunately, there's some good news about fears of an MLB The Show 22 delay thanks to a new report about that MLB lockout.

MLB The Show 22 will not be delayed by MLB lockout according to new report


While the biggest impacts of the MLB lockout are obviously on the league itself, there are ripple effects that include the upcoming launch of MLB The Show 22.

As we dove into recently, there were significant fears about whether MLB The Show 22 could be delayed if the MLB lockout is prolonged.

At that time, much of the reassurance and optimism came from the belief that the MLB understands the money they'll lose from a prolonged lockout and be incentivized to move things forward.

MLB The Show 22 lockout release date delayed
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BATTER UP: It looks like the lockout won't stop The Show's opening day

However, a new report by ABC News actually gives us a much more comforting piece of news relating to how this lockout effects MLB The Show 22.


The report stated: "Notably, the MLB The Show video game has a licensing deal for player name, image and likeness rights that exists outside the CBA, so its spring release won't be affected, the league said."

This should be a huge relief for some fans, and it will mean they aren't hamstrung by trying to craft a "Lockout Edition" using only inactive MLB players.

When will MLB The Show 22 be announced?

With this news, we can likely count on MLB The Show 22 following their regular release cycle whether the league itself is delayed or not.

Based on the release timing they used last year, we're expecting the MLB The Show 22 release date will be Tuesday, April 19, 2022.

This remains unconfirmed, but it's a safe bet as we wait for more official word when MLB The Show 22 gets announced.

As for that announcement, it could land as early as Monday, January 31, 2022 which would match up with the Monday, February 1, 2021 reveal they chose for MLB The Show 21.


That tends to arrive along with a cover athlete, pre order details, and some of the game's basics like platforms, price, and editions.

There were fears the lockout could lead to a classic only cover or something more generic, but this new report means we should see the same quality from MLB The Show 22 that we saw from MLB The Show 21.