MLB The Show 21 Roster Update: Robbie Ray among six new Diamonds

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MLB The Show 21 is almost done with regular season ratings adjustments, but the latest roster update saw six new Diamonds land in Diamond Dynasty.

We've got all the details on who saw an upgrade or downgrade in the September 17 Roster Update for MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21: September 17 Roster Update drops six new Diamonds

MLB The Show 21 seems to be slowing down as the MLB nears the postseason, and Sony San Diego has dropped the penultimate regular season roster update.

Six different players went diamond, including Robbie Ray, Kyle Tucker, and Bo Bichette, all of whom we'd predicted.

MLB The Show 21 robbie ray roster update
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BIG MOVERS: Robbie Ray saw a three-point jump in this update

However, what we didn't expect was some players making a drastic leap several points upwards into Diamond status.

Here are all of the new Live Series Diamonds in MLB The Show 21:

  • Robbie Ray, 87 OVR (+3), Toronto Blue Jays
  • Yasmani Grandal, 87 OVR (+4), Chicago White Sox
  • Kyle Tucker, 85 OVR (+1), Houston Astros
  • Joe Musgrove, 85 OVR (+1), San Diego Padres
  • Ozzie Albies, 85 OVR (+1), Atlanta Braves
  • Bo Bichette, 85 OVR (+2), Toronto Blue Jays

These were just the highlights, with big names like Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Max Scherzer, Corbin Burnes, and Aaron Judge also seeing a ratings boost this time.

You can find the full roster update details in Diamond Dynasty by selecting the Inside Edge & Roster Update box on the bottom right after entering the game mode.

Final regular season Roster Update just two weeks away

With the MLB regular season starting to wind down, we're also about to see the same happen for MLB The Show 21 with regards to the frequent roster update.

Sony San Diego has announced that there will be just oen more regular season Roster Update, and it's scheduled for Friday, October 1, 2021.

After that next update lands in two weeks, things will stay as they are until the postseason has concluded and we've crowned a World Series Champion.

Following the postseason, there will be one final attribute update adjusting the roster and ratings in MLB The Show 21 which will stick until we eventually start to build anticipation for MLB The Show 22.