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UFL Gameplay: Free-to-play offering shows HUGE potential

UFL has burst onto the scene, and with the recent news of EA Sports and FIFA's split, could this brand new entity seize its opportunity in the football gaming market?

The Strikerz Inc. title aims to set itself apart from FIFA by being free to play (like eFootball) but ensuring it is not pay-to-win without infamous loot boxes.

After months of cinematic trailers and reveals, we finally have our first look at this brand new game.

LATEST - Skill Moves Showcased

As time goes on, we're getting a better look at UFL's gameplay, with the developers recently taking to social media to share their processes.

Skill moves are the most recent element of the game to be showcased, with a focus on refining player movement through authentic animations.


Whilst we've seen plenty of teases and cinematic trailers, our first proper look at UFL gameplay has finally landed.

Showing off snippets of action from games, UFL were confident in sharing the bugs and glitches they have faced so far.

With plenty to dive into, we want to dissect this gameplay trailer and assess whether UFL could be a genuine FIFA challenger.

Huge Potential

First thing's first, this brand new gameplay reveal showcases plenty of potential for UFL moving forward.

Whilst the game may be free-to-play, the general look and aesthetic comes across as anything but cheap.

West Ham's London Stadium was showcased and it appears very impressive, with no notable differences from the version we see in FIFA.

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BUILD YOUR SQUAD - UFL will feature it's own Ultimate Team style mode

The way the players move and strike the ball also appears very authentic, with the game shining in aesthetic and feel.

A variety of goals were also shown - and whilst we will complain about the nets in a second - it's pleasing to see that UFL may accommodate a whole variety of play styles, with different goals and phases of play showcased to devastating effect.

Whilst the gameplay wasn't perfect, we also admire the fact that UFL are willing to showcase the glitches they have overcome, giving a positive indicator that they can act efficiently when improving in-game bugs.

Teething Issues

Once again, it's important to remember that UFL will be a free-to-play football game and does not have the same firepower or clout as FIFA.

However, some things showcased in the new gameplay trailer left a lot to be desired, especially the net mechanics.

With goals the name of the game in football, you want to be satisfied when you stroke the ball home, but I'm not sure UFL has tied that particular thread down.

The nets barely move, reminding us of old FIFA games in which the nets appeared to act like concrete blocks.

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SIIIUUUUU - CR7 has signed up as a UFL ambasssador

Of course, this is a minor nit-pick and something that can be improved before full launch, with UFL very transparent about their improvement process via their Discord server.

Another notable issue in the trailer was the way that players pass the ball, with an arcade-like feel about the speed and trajectory of passes.

Once again, this is something that will undoubtedly be fine-tuned before full launch, but we're not entirely sure how we feel about the ball sliding along like a hockey puck.

A Bright Future

We've already touched on the bright future for football gaming, and UFL is certainly contributing to that realm.

With plenty of potential showcased in this gameplay reveal, it's hard not to be impressed with what Strikerz Inc. have created so far.

With room for improvement - but also plenty of signs that this game could be a hit - we may be about to see UFL plant their flag in the football gaming battlefield.

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