04 Jan 2021 3:43 PM +00:00

Slack DOWN: Can't Connect, Won't Load Messages, Server Issues & more

Massively popular group messaging service Slack is currently down for thousands of users - with connection issues not allowing messages to load.

Slack Down Cant Load Messages Connection
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A CASE OF THE MONDAYS: A return from holidays is the worst time for Slack to go down

This issue was first reported at 9:57am EST, and since then over 10,000 Slack users have reported connection problems and an inability to load messages in the app.

This is a massive issue in the modern work from home climate around COVID-19, and could be a huge roadblock for many companies around the world.

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Thus far, Slack have not commented on the technical issues, given any explanation, or given any timeline around when Slack servers will be fixed.

This means that for now, Slack will remain down for many users and those working from home will have to switch to new messaging formats - with popular options including Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, and more.

Cant connect slack messages not loading app
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HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM: Slack may be down for a long time

While Slack servers don't go down often, this means many users will be trying out competing services, so we expect issues will be cleaned up quickly.

Not all users are experiencing issues with Slack going down, but it is a large portion of the userbase, and could expand as repairs are made.

Slack Cant Connect Messages Wont Load Down
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ENGINE: Slack is a massively important piece of communication for those working from home

As this is a breaking story, stay tuned as we will update with news when it comes in.

In the meantime, fire up your download of the next messaging service your work team will try out.

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