How to watch the Pokemon Presents Showcase Live

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Nintendo have consistently hit gold with the Pokemon series, selling millions of copies and heaping on that nostalgia. Later that year, we are expecting to get even more of both with Diamond and Pearl remakes. Hopefully, today, we should see tonnes more information on them and the future of Pokemon. Here's how to watch the Pokemon Presents showcase today.

Stream Time and Day

Luckily, the next Pokemon Presents is happening today, August 18th at 6 am PT / 2 pm BST. This leaves mere minutes before you can get in there for yourself. We don't know what is in there just yet but it will be just under half an hour long

This isn't the first time Nintendo have dropped tonnes of pokemon information and likely won't be the last given we have the new Diamond and Pearl remakes on the way

How to Watch Pokemon Presents Showcase Live

Right now, there are a few key ways to watch the Pokemon Presents stream. The first way is via the Official Pokemon YouTube Channel. They currently have over 4 million subscribers so we're anticipating huge numbers there. They currently have two streams live right now, the UK version and the US version with the UK version having less viewers.


If you would like to watch it via YouTube but want to see your own messages in chat, you should probably check out the UK stream as it will have less viewers.

Outside of this, you can check out the Pokemon Twitch channel. With a more dedicated app comes less viewers so this is what you should watch if you want to watch the official stream without too many viewers. Either way, you will see the show so you just pick one and get in there now. It starts soon.