Saving in Outriders is easier than you might think

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Outriders is out right now and you might be wondering how you can save your progress and secure your Outriders save game in between playing sessions.

Nowadays, without Memory Cards, these things aren't always as obvious as they should be so we've got everything you need to know about how to save your Outriders game.

How To Save Your Outriders Game


As an online-only title, Square Enix's looter-shooter actually operates a pretty good autosave feature.

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This should be almost always saving any progress you make and you should automatically find that your Outriders save game is up to date with where you are in the game.

Outriders save game technomancer
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HOLD IT - Sometimes you just need to take a moment away and Outriders makes that easy

Of course, if you're in a "Respawn Restricted" area of the game then you're not going to be able to save it. That's the whole point of them, right?


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Other than that though, you should be good to quiet whenever you like. The Xbox Series X also has the ability to "pause" games while you do over things if you're looking to do that but it might time you out of the game if you leave it idle for too long anyway.

How To Force Save

If you don't want to rely on the autosave feature, you can also force the game to save by quitting.

We know, that's the opposite of what you want to do if you're unsure on whether your game is saving but it works!

Outriders Save Game Fire
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QUIT IT - If you need to "force" a save, just quit your game and Outriders should save it for you

Rather than a traditional save game popping up in Outriders, quitting just triggers another autosave.

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If you're still unsure, you can actually see a little Outriders logo in the bottom left of the screen when it's autosaving. This is a pretty common visual clue and it's useful to keep an eye on if you're waiting to go into a pretty tough fight.