Omega Strikers Music Event: Missions, Emotes, & more

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A screenshot from the reent Core Chat on the upcoming Music Event for Omega Strikers.
Credit: Odyssey Interactive

On May 18, 2023, Omega Strikers released a new Core Chat hosted by Sonii. The Core Chat announcements and unveiled updates of the game would reveal more information about the music-themed event, Oni Twins, Creator Skins, and more. This is very exciting for Omega Strikers players as more content would mean more opportunities to maximize their playing experience. They could even encounter new characters and get unique cosmetics from the game. With that, we've prepared a rundown on the Omega Strikers Music Event through our guide below.

The recent Core Chat of Omega Strikers also has some Creator skins that players can unlock. There were three codes revealed that can be redeemed on PC or mobile platforms. But we've made it easier for you and have taken note of those codes which we'll list down below as well.

Omega Strikers Music Event

A screenshot from the recent Core Chat for the upcoming Omega Strikers Music Event.
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Credit: Odyssey Interactive

The Omega Strikers Music event will be released on May 25, 2023. Players will be able to earn new titles, emotes, and nameplates during missions. Moreover, you can pick sides of choosing either Rock or EDM music genres. You'll be able to play games for your chosen side. The winning side will be able to keep their team's emotes for free, as well as getting a permanent title. While for the team that loses, you'll still get style points to get your emotes.

Moreover, Omega Strikers will also be collaborating with English-Japanese singer-songwriter NANO (@nanonano_me) along with James Landino and Gwillymusic to bring in Vyce’s theme with lyrics. It's an exciting collaboration to get more Omega Strikers content for fans to appreciate and love the game even more.

Alongside this event is also a new map called Demon Dais which is said to be inspired by the band Gorillaz. It contains new barriers that must be hit twice to open your goal gates. Similarly, the map and music event itself would better promote the new Strikers Octavia and Vyce who are twins with unique personalities. As the music event revolves around them, you're sure to get well acquainted with each twin throughout the event and even rock out to their jaw-dropping tunes.

In terms of the free Creator skins you could get, you can use the following codes below to redeem these Creator skins:

  • MoistVS
  • RakinVS
  • LilyVS

The above codes are valid for two weeks since its release so expect them to expire on June 1, 2023. So if you haven't redeemed your Creator skins yet, you better do it fast.

That's pretty much it on this guide for the upcoming Omega Strikers Music Event. Feel free to browse through our other pieces on the game such as our Omega Strikers Rune Build and Omega Strikers Kai guide. We also have a piece on Omega Strikers Cross-Platform if you want to play with friends across various devices.