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Multiversus Rick Sanchez: Class, Move-set, How to Unlock & More

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Rick Sanchez Has Joined Multiversus

Multiversus has just taken its name to a whole new level as the dimension-hopping nihilist Rick Sanchez has joined his grandson Morty, joining the ever-growing roster of characters to brawl it out.

With a brand new character is a lot of questions as we all try to take our favourite genius to the highest ranks of the competitive scene of Multiversus. Here is everything you need to know about Rick Sanchez.

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How to Unlock Rick Sanchez in Multiversus?

Rick Sanchez, like many characters, needs to be purchased in Multiversus.
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Like the majority of characters in the Multiversus roster, Rick Sanchez is not unlocked by default and will need to be purchased in-game before being playable in the usual competitive modes.

The cost of unlocking Rick Sanchez is either 3,000 in-game gold or 700 Gleamium, meaning that you can either earn the character through gameplay or just purchase them outright.

This will likely be the standard price of the introduced characters going forward so be sure to save up your in-game gold as more fighters are dropped.

Rick Sanchez Move-set

A look at the complete move-set of Rick Sanchez in Multiversus
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Rick Sanchez is the latest Mage-class character to be added to the Multiversus meaning that his playstyle is all about ranged and reach control.

With the character being branded as an "expert" in difficulty, many players will likely have to spend a lot of time mastering the different ways to play Rick in Multiversus.

As a Mage and a character known for his intelligence, Rick's move-set is comprised entirely of his various gadgets and items, such as his blaster, the Meeseeks Box, Rocket Boots and, of course, his Portal Gun.

Rick's move-set also has a lot of moves that can act as a support for his teammate, with various buffs and debuffs being applied along with his attacks, though this appears to be a very minor part of the character with damage being the primary focus.

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