Mobile Legends: Star Wars Characters Coming to the Land of Dawn

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Moonton has finally presented the official trailer for their latest collaboration, a new set of Star Wars skins in Mobile Legends!

Here's what we know about the new Mobile Legends Star Wars crossover content.


Mobile Legends Star Wars Skins

July 10th will be day for MLBB players to say "May the force be with you", with the release of two special skins from the Star Wars collection.

The dark side of the force will make its presence felt with Darth Vader, while for the light side, fans will be able to pick one of the favorite members of the Jedi Council, Yoda.


Released as part of a time limited event, Cyclops, the tiny mage with great burst damage will be the hero designated for the skin of Yoda; while Darth Vader is the skin for the just recent revamp fighter Argus.

Bounty Hunter Event

This is the name of the event that will have some major rewards including the 2 Star Wars Skins.

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At first glance it resembles the bingo event that we had last month in order to participate in the rerun of the King Of Fighters appearances.


More Great News

So far every event that has given epic skins as rewards was critiqued for being random. This is because players couldn't chose their prize, offering room for disappointment, especially getting skins for characters they don't own!

In the Bounty Hunter Event, you will receive bounty coins. This event currency will give you the opportunity to roll the dice for a chance to get high tier rewards. For every 10 rolls, you have guaranteed a special or higher level skin.

Also, you can exchange the bounty coins for your favorite skins. Every bounty coins is equal to one diamond.

The Lesley skin reward was recently published to be the reward for the Mobile Legends event.
NEW UPDATE: It was recently announced that the Lesley skin will be replaced Star Wars skins

No more pink fragments will come for repeated skins, but instead they have been replaced by bounty coins. This can be the end of the very annoying Eternity Fragments that ended up practically useless.

In other good news, the price to participate in the event--at least in the advance server, was cheaper. 1000 diamonds for 10x draws is 450 diamonds lower than the collector and last collaboration events.

Mobile Legends may have struck gold with this new massive Star Wars crossover event, and with better value for cosmetics as well, the force is certainly with you!