Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Heroes Tier List

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has over a hundred heroes in its roster. With these characters getting buffed and nerfed from time to time, who reigns as crowd favorites and which are worthy to spend your precious diamonds on?

Mobile Legends Hero Tier List

Here are the best characters in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang broken down by their roles.



Assassins focus on the more vulnerable opponents. They are a bit challenging to play because they are weak in early gameplay and needs players' skillful ability execution when hunting their target. Assassin heroes to try are:

  • Benedetta - Her second skill, An Eye For An Eye, controls immunity, blocks any damage within 0.8 seconds, and is very effective against crowd control.. In terms of offense, her blade can be used to stun enemies from a short range.
  • Natalia - Recommended as a Jungler, Natalia can effectively farm and inflict huge damage to enemies--all while remaining hidden.
  • Helcurt - With an ultimate skill to blind enemies, this hero can effectively annoy the opposite team and help his comrades with reliable burst damage.
  • Lancelot - Agile and swift, the Perfumed Knight can deal considerable damage to his enemies.
  • Ling - One word to describe him is him is nimble. The hero has been constantly banned in matches because of how effective and mobile he is in-game.
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero Benedetta is ready to strike with her sword
SHADOW RANGER: Benedetta fights for hope


For the aggressive players who like to have a presence even as the game is only starting, Tanks could be for you. The tank role comes with bulky initial health to guard teammates, even if their damage is low compared to other heroes. Notable tanks you should give a go include:

  • Khufra - The Desert Tyrant, he has strong crowd control and dashes to his enemies to stop them from using their blink skills.
  • Atlas - Also known as the Ocean Gladiator, players suggest to purchase the item Dominant Ice to make full use of his passive skill.
  • Barats - One of the newer heroes, the Dino Rider can absorb enemy energy and literally make himself bigger.
  • Baxia - The Mystic Tortoise, this tank has high mobility and superb sustained damage.
  • Gatotkaca - A tough tank with high-level ability effects, great durability, moderately high damage.


Fighter are experts when it comes to clashes. These heroes have adaptable skills to cater to their team's needs. They're not as sturdy as tanks, but they can be flexible situationally. The top five fighters to try are:

  • Chou - The Kung-Fu Boy, he chases opponents and dominates them with skillful plays.
  • Paquito - A righteous champion, the Heavenly fist can knock out his enemies with the right combo of his skills.
  • Phoveus - One of the heroes in Mobile Legends with unmatched blinking skills, he is also considered the best counter for hero Wanwan.
  • Aldous - The Soul Contractor. He is very dynamic and to locate and hunt down opponents on the map. He can also permanently raise his attack power.
  • Guinevere - Don't let Ms. Violet's princess image fool you. She has a large amount of crowd control that helps her land skills perfectly.


Mages may look cute, but these heroes can cast powerful spells that can cause considerable burst damage. Crowd control is one of their specialties, although they are commonly high priority targets. Try these mages and see which character you might like:

  • Alice - The Queen of Blood has also been used as an effective tank, with the right item build.
  • Esmeralda - Another tanky mage, the Astrologer has Starmoon Power, which can ignore any shield.
  • Cecilion - Best to team up with his lover, Carmilla; the hero couple even has a special interactive skill.
  • Chang'e - One of the effective mid-laners, the Moon Palace Immortal is a long-ranged hero that specializes in burst and poke.
  • Harley - Also known as the Mage Genius, the light-footed mage can charge into battle, give out delayed damage to the target, and escape uninjured.
Alice unleashes her dark power to her opponents.
QUEEN OF BLOOD: Alice is a top choice for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang when it comes to Mages.


Marksmen are the high damage dealers with long range skills. They are favorites when it comes to pushing turrets and can be very powerful late game, as long as you can farm effectively. Positioning is key when playing this role, so stay with your tanks early in the game, as you earn your items. Some top marksman choices for most Mobile Legends players are:

  • Brody - Also known as the Lone Star, the ranged shooter can launch seriously damaging attacks on enemies.
  • Claude - The Master Thief, he can steal speed from his opponents.
  • Granger - Known by his nickname as the Death Chanter, his skills include that can turn music that he uses a lethal weapon.
  • Wanwan - One of the best speed monsters in the game, the Agile Tiger can hit you faster than the blink of an eye.
  • Bruno - The Mech Protector can be annoying to his enemy's team, with his burst damage through the powerball.


Last but not the least, the underrated support role. They protect and heal their team mates, so shielding them in clashes is very crucial, as they are most of the time preyed on first. Some well-loved supports are:

  • Diggie - The Timekeeper, this cute owl can annoy and chase even if he's respawning.
  • Mathilda - Released last year, the Swift Plume is a flexible support, who can move freely and has a high cap.
  • Rafaela - One of the pilot heroes, the Archangel not only heals allies, but reveals hidden enemies, and stun enemies them a line--not to mention the beautiful skins available for her character.
  • Angela - She can attach or "ride" to ally heroes and assist them in battle.
  • Kaja - Tha Nazar King, considered as on of the most solid ganks who can displace enemy units.