Lost Judgment - What is the School Chairman's name?

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Lost Judgment is finally playable around the world for those lucky enough to get early access. That leaves Yagami entering the city of Kamurocho once more to solve yet another mystery.

Perhaps the first mystery of the game is about a school chairman and his name. Here's what you should know about the first real case.


What is Lost Judgment?

Lost Judgment is the follow-up to Judgment, a new adventure in the Yakuza universe. Taking place in Kamurocho with some of the same figures, you aren't playing Kiryu this time.

Instead, you take the role of Takayuki Yagami, a private detective caught up in the Yakuza's shenanigans. Taking more of a civilian role, this gives the team a chance to explore similar stories from a new perspective.


It's out right now for those who preordered but the official launch date is September 24th. You may want to prepare some important information in advance for that first real case.

The Lost Judgement School Chairman's Name

In this conversation, you must remember the name of the school chairman. Just respond with:

"Okuda-San how could I forget?" This will solve your problem and let you move forward to the next test.


What happens if you get it wrong?

Like most questions in the Lost Judgment main story, you cannot get this wrong. If you pick the wrong answer, it will simply let you pick again, often following a funny conversation making fun of you for not knowing.

If there's a question you can't figure out yet, generally the best answer is just to try it anyway. The game doesn't tend to punish you too hard for what you don't know. You won't get any bonuses from getting this right the first time so the stakes are fairly low.