Last of Us 2 Trailer: New trailer announced, plot, gameplay, Joel, Ellie, release date & more

A new trailer is on its way with just over a month to go until the game finally arrives.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant
last of us trailer

No game has had a crazier ride pre-launch than Last of Us 2.

From delays and leaks to a seeming indefinite postponement, to a new release date being announced…. It’s been a truly wild journey for fans.

Now there is another trailer on the way.



Last of Us 2 trailer announcement

A tweet by developers Naughty Dog set the internet buzzing, and it’s easy to see why.

last of us 2 trailer

We only get two lines of dialogue in this short teaser video. “I have to finish it” from what is assumed to be Ellie, and then “There’s a cost” from Joel.

Last of Us 2 Trailer

The tweet also let’s us know that the trailer will be dropping on Wednesday 6 May at 7am PT. That is 10am ET and 3pm BST.

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Will we get a look at the gameplay, or maybe more plot details? We can only wait.

Last of Us 2 release date

The game will finally be released on 19 June after many delays.

With the game now “going gold” it seems this date is at last set in stone.

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