How to Get Thumbtacks in AEW Fighter Forever

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AEW Fight Forever: Two players are fighting

The long-awaited AEW Fighter Forever has recently been released. Many players who are attracted to wrestling and spectacular battles appreciated the new release from Yuke's. You can use many different weapons to destroy your opponent and win. So below, we will tell you about probably the bloodiest weapon, namely how to get thumbtacks in AEW Fighter Forever.

By using thumbtacks in a match, you will have a good opportunity to gain an advantage over your opponent and gain the support of the audience. If you want to achieve this goal, continue reading this article and we will tell you how to do it.

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How to Get Thumbtacks in AEW Fighter Forever

At first glance, this is just an innocent thing that is usually used in the office. But in AEW Fighter Forever, it turns into a devastating weapon for the amusement of the public. If you're lucky enough to find one, you can really make a bloody mess of things. When the thumbtacks are in the ring, you can use various moves to make your opponent land on them. But there is one problem, namely you have to find them first.

AEW Fight Forever: the character
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There is no specific place where they are actually located, as it all depends on how lucky you are. To get thumbtacks, keep getting weapons from the ring. You can also get them from fans who are in the tribunes, so don't forget about this option. When you get the weapon, you will be able to make some noise, not giving your opponent a chance to win. If you combine punches and moves correctly, you can get the secret 7-star match achievement. So, don't hesitate and go in search of thumbtacks to please the fans and win.

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