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Fall Guys Season 4 Squads mode explained

Fall Guys Season 4 has just launched and it sees the introduction of a "Squads" mode.

Alongside new levels and skins, this new mode will change the way you play. Here's how it works.

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Season 4 of Fall Guys has just gone live! Check out the tweet below:

One of the most exciting additions to Fall Guys Season 4 is the new Squads mode.

Squads see teams of 4 come together to try and win the Crown.

The mode will initially be bin the game for two weeks to gauge player reaction before deciding whether to make it a permanent feature or not.


How Squads Works

Squads will put 15 teams of four against each other, but standard gameplay during the levels will remain the same.

Lead developer Joe Walsh spoke to IGN and laid out how the new mode will work.

"The crucial difference between Squads Mode and normal Fall Guys, is that being eliminated does not completely eliminate you from the game.

You only get eliminated if your entire Squad perform poorly on any given Round.

We've all been in that situation where our teammate gets eliminated in the first Round and they have to sit there and watch you compete.

And there's this pressure to be like 'Well, maybe we should all just back out and go to the main menu and have another go.' This allows you to basically all perform as a team."

Scoring System

The new Squads mode will use a scoring system to count each players position when they cross the finish line, with the lowest scoring teams being eliminated.


This means that being a lowered skilled player, or even just having a bad round, means you will be eliminated if your squad can prop you up.

"If one of your players on your Squad manages to screw up on Perfect Match and it's the first person to fall off, you essentially know that if you guys don't get some other people eliminated, you are going to get eliminated, because you are now hamstrung for the rest of the Round.

So it's really interesting because then your team kind of has to go on the offensive and try and eliminate other people.

Because if you can push two players of another Squad off the side, suddenly you guys are going to be earning more points. So it's going to be really interesting to see how that develops over time."

How The Final Round Works

When it comes to the final round it is still all about being the first to cross the finish line, except now it rewards the win to the whole team.

Squads should make it much easier to win overall, as players have a 1 in 15 chance rather than a 1 in 60.

And if lower skilled players team up with good players then it will give them a chance to finally earn a Crown.

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