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New Fall Guys levels revealed ahead of Season 4

Fall Guys Season 4 has just dropped so it's time to get ready! There are quite a few new levels for you and your friends to get into!

Before we begin though, we have the Fall Guys Season 4 trailer for you below to get you hyped up!

That's right! Things are heading both forwards and... Sort of backwards in time? We're sure Marty McFly would fit right in here.

As you can see, there are a few hints at what's in store for Fall Guys Season 4 in terms of new levels, and we have more information below.

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LATEST - The New Levels Are Live

Following a stealth launch, Fall Guys Season 4 is now live and ready to be played!

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That means, all the new levels are now in-game! Check out the brand-new gameplay trailer from Mediatonic in the tweet below:


Release Date & Time

Fall Guys Season 4 is scheduled to launch on March 22nd, 2021. That's today!

As for a specific start time though... We don't quite know.

It always looks like Mediatonic drop their Fall Guys updates at random, but that is because they opt for a "stealth release" a lot of the time.

The tweet below explains it:


So, it really is anyone's guess when the update is live because Mediatonic doesn't plan on telling anyone immediately.

We'll keep this page updated the best we can, though.

New Levels


Over the last week, Mediatonic have been using Fall Guys' Twitter account to tease some of the upcoming levels for Season 4 of the popular Bean Brawler.

If you've not managed to sift through the meme-heavy community management, we've got everything Fall Guys has shared so far regarding new levels.

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We're not sure if these level names are official just yet, but we're working with what we have.

Roll On

This new Fall Guys level is a chaotic course that mashes up traditional "Race" levels with the rolling platforms you might be familiar with from the original set of levels.

Frankly, we're not sure this is even possible let-alone winnable.

Perfect Match x Jump Club

Although this isn't a completely new course, it seems like a variant on Perfect Match is on the way!


As if matching the fruits wasn't hard enough!

Big Shots

This is the first of the new Fall Guys levels we've seen embracing the new retrowave / synthwave aesthetic of Season 4. It's a combination of See Saw and Fruit Chute, sort of.


Yeah... This one's going to go awfully too, isn't it? We already know Fall Guys' See Saw levels are tough at the best of times.

Basket Fall

This one's pretty simple, right? Get the Basket Ball into one of the hoops.


Obviously, there's a lot more going on in Basket Fall than a standard Basketball mode. It wouldn't be Fall Guys without spinning platforms, right?

Short Circuit

This new level is another one that follows the traditional race format. OF course, that doesn't mean it will be as simple as you hope.


New obstacles and "gravity-defying" features are going to push every Bean to its limit in Short Circuit.

Power Trip

This game mode is all about controlling the level. You need to use your team's batteries to convert all the floor tiles to your team's colour in order to win.


Power Trip is going to require well-coordinated teamwork or a lot of chaotic luck. Either way, it looks fun, right?

Skyline Stumble

Another race-format level, Skyline Stumble is going to push you and your Bean to the limit with this mad course.


There's a lot of aerial agility needed, this one looks like it'll be the toughest of the new levels.

Hoverboard Heroes

Is that another race-format level? This one doesn't look as hard as Skyline Stumble but these tracks are never easy.


Still, Hoverboard Heroes looks like a lot of fun and a lot of chaos.

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For more on the new levels coming to Fall Guys Season 4, their Twitter account is the best place to be looking for info in and amongst the spicy tweets.

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