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Doublelift Suspended From Streaming LCS After Viewership Comments Make Offence

Former LCS pro-Doublelift has been suspended from showing LCS after making controversial comments. However, his comments on the declining viewership of the esports event didn't sit well with Riot and he is not allowed to stream the event.

Doublelift has ruffled the feathers of the Riot Games team. In a recent stream, Doublelift talked about how Bjergsen wasn't allowed to compete in the Mr Beast vs Ninja tournament.

Additionally, in the same stream, he made a comment about how viewership for the event is dying. Well... now he will feel the effect of a dying viewership as Riot placed a suspension of him streaming the event.

Here's how it all went down and what it means for Doublelift.

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The Doublelift stream

In a recent Doublelift stream, the player outed Riot for not allowing Bjergsen to compete. The event of Mr Beast vs Ninja happened last weekend and sadly, he couldn't attend.

Doublelift had strong opinions about this and stated that it would have boosted viewership for LCS which is "dying". And this was the incriminating evidence that led to Riot's involvement with the streamer.

“The LCS is dying, viewership is totally dying. There’s no denying it. Everyone knows it. Anyone can feel it.”

Riot's reaction

After that, Riot Games were quickly made aware of the comments from the professional streamer and acted with a decision. However, they decided that Doublelift will not be able to stream the upcoming weekend broadcast of the LCS.

DOublelift in the LCS
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In addition, he stated that he has had another strike from Riot which has led to his suspension.

“Two days ago, I was talking about how LCS was so stupid not to let Bjergsen play in Mr Beast. And I think I said ‘LCS is dying. I’m on my second strike… which means I can’t participate in the upcoming weekend broadcast of LCS.”

This earlier strike could have come from a profanity warning that he was issued in the past. However, Doublelift will have to keep an eye on his behaviour in streams in order not to offend the big guys again.

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