*LATEST* Mr Beast and Ninja Compete in League of Legends Tournament: How to Watch, Streams, and More

Internet sensations, Mr Beast and Ninja will soon bash heads as they meet on the Rift. The two content creators will form teams to represent themselves and battle it out for a large cash prize.

The announcements have gained lots of traction from other content creators, esports professionals and doting fans alike. But with so many people willing to get involved, there has not yet been confirmation on the teams chosen to play League of Legends.

The pair have battled it out verbally on Twitter for several weeks, but will they be able to walk the walk? We find out on July 9.


The Mr Beast and Ninja tournament has been completed and the winner has been announced.

Despite Ninja having a large prediction rate of winning, Mr Beast clinched the victory and won the title.

Event Details

The event will take place on July 9. In Las Vegas, Nevada aka the city of wealth, it only makes sense that Mr Beast will take on Ninja here.

With a reputation for spending big bucks, Mr Beast is offering $150,000 to the team that wins. This is more than the MSI 2022 champions earned for their tournament.

So far, the teams for Ninja or Mr Beast have not been announced. But this may be kept a surprise until the day of the event. Popular speculated contenders are people such as Tyler1, Pokimane, Sneaky. Other popular League of Legends content creators will also probably be a part of this event.

How to Watch Mr Beast vs Ninja

The event will be streamed to the official Twitch channel of Crown and it will go on for around four hours from 4 pm to 7 pm PT. The two teams run by Mr Beast and Ninja will face off with a best of three.

People are also allowed to visit the event in real life at the HyperX arena. Although there has not yet been any information about tickets or prices. As soon as more information is found, this article will be updated.

Fan Favourite?

Whilst both have a large set of fans, it seems that Ninja is being painted as the villain in this story. Perhaps due to the controversies surrounding events that have happened during his streams.

It only makes sense that Mr Beast would be the fan favourite, due to his constant good deeds for the world, it's hard to find anyone as good-natured as he is.

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