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Co-op Games: 7 best titles to help survive lockdown - Overcooked, Unravelled, & more

We're all going to be spending a little more time with our families and flatmates now thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown that is coming into effect across the world.

As a result, we need something to do together that will keep everyone sane and on the same page.

These are the best co-op games to install and play with your quarantine buddy!

Overcooked 1 & 2 - Xbox One, PS4, Switch, & PC

overcooked 2
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CHAOS IN THE KITCHEN: Keeping a cool head is a must

Ok, so this might spark a few arguments, but it is also the ideal co-op game to get you both on the same page.

Master increasingly hazardous kitchens to fill orders in enough time. Cook up pizzas, sushi, and fried chicken to satisfy your customers.

Unravel TWO - Xbox One, PS4, Switch, & PC

Two animated string characters are linked together by a thread. They must work together to get across the map and avoid danger.

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With an immersive story and engaging gameplay it is the perfect co-op game for the current situation.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Xbox One, PS4, Switch, & PC

lego marvel super heroes 2
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I AM GROOT: Pick your favourite marvel hero and go on an adventure!

There is something magical about Lego game titles. There are a huge number of them out there, but this is one of the best right now.

You get to play as just about any Marvel character you can think of, from Hulk to Killmonger and even Stan Lee himself. The easy gameplay and charming cutscenes can be enjoyed by everyone.

Minecraft - Xbox One, PS4, Switch, & PC

When it comes to creativity and local multiplayer there is no game better than Minecraft.

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Build whatever you can imagine (as long as it isn't round) and try to survive in a world of hidden ravines, vicious night-time enemies, and the ever-annoy lava. Just remember to not dig straight down and you'll be fine!

Human Fall Flat - Xbox One, PS4, Switch, & PC

human fall flat
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LOAD THE CATAPULT: But then what?

You play as a faceless blob man who is wobbling his way through each level, but they are always harder than they seem.

Exploration and lateral thinking are a must here. Teamwork will be crucial to tackle obstacles and find the exit of each level. Be sure to communicate though, as wandering off by yourself can quickly cause problems!

Don't Starve Together - Xbox One, PS4, & PC

Similar to Minecraft in that you have to gather supplies, build tools, and generally just survive. However, Don't Starve Together brings a Tim Burton-esque feel to the world.

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A 2D scroller, the night is deadly and battling foes tricky, but at least you will have some company in your struggles.

Halo: Master Chief Collection - Xbox One & PC

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INFINITE: Some legacies last forever

Ok, so this isn't necessarily a co-op game as you can play by yourself, but who wants to save the world by themselves!?!With six epic Halo campaigns to roll through and some of the most iconic gameplay in FPS history, dropping in as the Master Chief and crushing Covenant and Flood enemies is always fun.

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