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Exercise & Fitness Games: 7 titles to get you moving during lockdown - Ring Fit, Just Dance 2020, BoxVR & more

So the world is slowly shutting down, but there are plenty of exercise games so you don't turn into a couch potato!

With social distancing, self-isolation, and lockdowns in effect across the globe, now more than ever we need to stay active indoors.

Thankfully, this is a genre of gaming that has been thriving for a while already.

These are the best in-home exercise games available today!

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Ring Fit - Nintendo Switch

ring fit for Nintendo Switch
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FEEL THE BURN: Ring Fit gets you moving like no other game


The star of the show is Nintendo's Ring Fit. This adventure game requires you to jog in place, squat, shoulder press, and more to keep moving through the map while you collect coins and battle enemies.

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It will set you back £69.99 and is tricky to find, but once you get it you will love this game.

Knockout League - PSVR

We all have a bit of frustration to work out these days, and Knockout League will let you do just that. The PSVR game involves dodging your opponent's punches and throwing your own until you become champion!

What is more needed than that right now??

Just Dance 2020 - Switch, PS4, & Xbox One

Music, movement, and keeping score!

This one will get you up and smiling as you hit the dance floor to some tunes. One for all the family, with a Kid Mode as well as co-op challenges.


Shape Up - Xbox One

Work up a sweat with this one. With 90-second bursts of training you'll need to warm-up first, but once you get going to can really feel the burn!

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You can also record your workouts with the rePLAY system to challenge yourself to go further next time!

Kinect Sports Rivals - Xbox One

kinect sports rivals
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MARKSMAN: The variety of sports on offer will keep you busy!


You'll need a Kinect, but once you have one it will open up all sorts of games for you. The leading one is Kinect Sports Rivals.

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It scans your likeness and puts you in the game to play soccer, bowling, climbing, and other activities. With online tournaments & challenges too there are endless opportunities to stay active!

Sprint Vector - HTC Vive/Oculus Rift

It's not just console gamers that can get active, the PC Master Race can as well!

Run, jump, climb, drift, and fly at extreme velocity as you race up to 8 players and battle obstacles in this frenetic VR adrenaline platformer!

BoxVR - HTC Vive/Oculus Rift

Another puncher! This Steam game is more focused on boxing-based workouts than competitive boxing.


From short 3 minute warm ups to 20+ minute endurance workouts, we’ve got the everything you need to give you a fantastic cardio workout!

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