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Madden 24 Title Update: AI blocking buffed, franchise draft class fix & more

Madden 24 49ers

The latest Madden 24 update brings huge changes to the game. Developers listened to the community feedback and addressed some of the major problems the game was facing, as well as fixing plenty of bugs.

This update brings many changes to the gameplay, which aim to make the game more realistic and balanced. Game modes such as Franchise, MUT, and Superstar also underwent some changes and bug fixes. Developers want to provide players with the best gaming experience possible, and that's why so many changes were implemented.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at the biggest changes coming to Madden 24.

Madden 24 AI blocking buffed

Perhaps the most important change in this title update is the buff to AI blocking to nerf the many OP blitzes we have in Madden 24. Players were exploiting blitz formations such as 4-3 Even, 6-1 Sam Will Blitz, Dollar 3-2 Cover 2 LB Blitz, or Nickel Triple Tampa 2, which were overpowered and would pretty much guarantee a sack.

Madden 24 Josh Allen
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This was ruining the experience for plenty of players and made the game unbalanced, and sometimes unplayable. So, the developers adjusted the pass block logic to fix this huge problem.

Franchise draft class fixed

The Franchise draft classes were an absolute mess in Madden 24. Players had body types that didn't match their weight and height, and prospects of edited draft classes wouldn't show up correctly when downloaded, among many other errors and bugs.

Madden 24 scouting menu
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Developers finally addressed this bug, and players can now download their custom draft classes without any problem. Players will now show up with their correct weight and height, and the college of an edited player will no longer appear as N/A.

Other important changes

There are other important changes that this title update brings to Madden 24. One of them is that the MUT Menu Play and MUT Menu Program panel will now correctly update the player's progression. The AI WRs logic was improved in the Superstar mode, meaning WRs will now utilize all the available catch mechanics, making the game more realistic.

Madden 24 combine
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Rewards after completing the Combine and Draft are now immediately granted, and the bug that prevented players' abilities from loading into the game has also been fixed.

If you want to take a look at all the changes this title update is introducing, you can check them out here. For more guides and all the latest news about Madden 24, check out Realsport101.

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