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Madden 23 Ratings: AJ Dillon receives B/R Gridiron Fan Boost

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As we continue through the year, more Madden 23 ratings are likely to be updated but this week, AJ Dillon has received the update.

Courtesy of the B/R Gridiron Fan Boost, AJ Dillon has a new rating to his attributes which we're going to go over for you.

Madden 23 Ratings Update

The latest Madden 23 ratings update was a slight one due to the weekly B/R Gridiron Fan Boost for AJ Dillon, who was voted on by fans.

Each week, you can head to the B/R Gridiron Twitter page and vote for who you think deserves to receive a boost to their ratings.

It's important to note that his overall rating wasn't boosted but his catch rating was boosted +2 from 68 OVR to 70 OVR.

The next Madden 23 ratings voting day is scheduled for Tuesday, September 20, after the Monday Night Football game between the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles.

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Why'd AJ Dillon get the update?

There weren't many shining spots in the Packers offense for Week 1 but there is a reason why AJ Dillion received the B/R Gridiron Fan Boost.

His Madden 23 ratings for catching we're pretty low but the fact that he led the Packers receiving group is a pretty clear sign he needed an adjustment.

Madden 23 ratings
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+ 2
LEADING RECEIVER: After last week Dillon proved himself as a reliable receiver

Dillon had five receptions for 46 yards on six targets. He also had 10 carries for 45 yards on a day where the Packers didn't have much offense at all.

You also have to keep in mind that the Packers have a large fan base and many wanted to see Dillon's Madden 23 ratings get updated.

September Title Update for M23

If you haven't yet noticed, there's been a September Title Update but none of the Madden 23 ratings were updated.

The Team of the Week for Week 1 was revealed in MUT 23 but that's about as far as the ratings adjustments have gone.

Madden 23 ratings
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+ 2
COMING SOON: Will Khalil Mack receive a ratings boost in Madden 23

You can also call into the Madden 23 Ratings Hotline to voice your concerns and lobby for your favorite players to receive a boost.

Dial 689-278-3030 at any time to leave a message or potentially speak to a Madden Ratings Adjustor to make their voices heard.

To learn more about the September Title Update, follow this link.

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