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Madden 22 Update: Ratings Adjustments are in after NFL Week 1

After the release of Madden 22, we had hoped we'd see some ratings get adjusted early on in the game, and then Ratings Adjustor Chad Johnson confirmed it!

Let's take a look at each player getting a boost to their Madden 22 rating.

Offensive Players


Two players on offense have received a significant boost to their Madden 22 overall rating. Each of them is from the NFC and had amazing games in Week 1.

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Let's dive in to the changes revealed so far.

Jalen Hurts - QB - Philadelphia Eagles - 72 OVR (+1)

Jalen Hurts had an incredible first game of the NFL season with a big win over the Atlanta Falcons 32-6. He threw for 264 yards and 3 touchdowns, while only being sacked once.

Jalen Hurts and the Eagles in Madden 22
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+ 3
RATINGS BOOST: Jalen Hurts saw a boost to his rating after a great performance

Hurts saw a +1 come to his overall rating along with a +1 to Throw On The Run and a +1 to Throw Under Pressure.


Tyler Lockett - WR - Seattle Seahawks - 88 OVR (+0)

Tyler Lockett was the other offensive player that seen a rating boost, however, he didn't receive an overall rating boost. Instead, he received a boost to more specific ratings.

Lockett received a +1 boost to his Spectacular Catch Rating.

Defensive Players

Three players got to see a boost to their Madden 22 rating this week. They were menacing on defense in Week 1 and will give offenses nightmares for weeks to come.

Eric Kendricks of the Minnesota Vikings in Madden 22
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+ 3
HARD HITTERS: The best defensive players in Week 1 received a Madden 22 ratings boost

Let's take a look at the ratings adjustments for these defensive players.

Chandler Jones - LOLB - Arizona Cardinals - 95 OVR (+1)

Chandler Jones made the Tennessee Titans offense regret stepping on the field Sunday morning. He finished the game with 5 sacks on his own along with a strip-sack.

Chandler Jones in Madden 22
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+ 3
SACK CITY: Chandler Jones saw an increase to his overall rating, bringing him to a 95 OVR

Jones saw a +1 boost from his 94 OVR rating to 95 OVR and a +2 to his Tackle Rating. He saw a +2 increase in Play Recognition.


Vita Vea - DT - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 90 OVR (+2)

Vita Vea was one of the players responsible for keeping Ezekiel Elliot to under 40 yards rushing. He prevented any movement on the frontlines and for it, saw a boost to his Madden 22 rating.

Vea even saw some time on offense as a fullback as a blocker. He received a +1 boost to his Power Move rating and his Play Recognition received a +2 boost from 89 to 91.

Shaq Thompson - ROLB - Carolina Panthers - 80 OVR (+2)

Shaq Thompson's hard work in Week 1 found himself a big boost to his Madden 22 rating. From a 78 to an 80 OVR is a big jump, but he definitely deserves it.

10 tackles, an interception, and 3 pass deflections led to his +2 overall boost. Along with that, he received a +1 boost to his Tackle rating, and a +2 bonus to Play Recognition.