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Madden 22 Update: Predicting the first ratings adjustments from week 1

One of EA's best traits when it comes to Madden is keeping up ratings to the NFL season - and the first roster update is coming to adjust Madden 22 ratings based on week 1 of the 2021 season!

Chad Johnson, the "official ratings adjustor", is at it again this year - and we already have some favorites for getting a higher OVR rating (and some for a lower as well).

That being said, we've got some players in mind that could use an updated overall rating in Madden 22.


Madden 22 Ratings Update Predictions

These players had an incredible Week 1 and definitely deserve a bump in their Madden 22 ratings!

Kyler Murray, QB, Arizona Cardinals - 82 OVR

Kyler Murray having an 82 OVR to begin with is kind of silly, but we understand there were questions surrounding his ability. However, Week 1 answered everything we need to know.

Madden 22 Kyler Murray scrambles
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TURN ON THE JETS: Kyler Murray has a dangerous second gear to get away from pressure and down the field

Kyler Murray finished Week 1 against the Tennessee Titans with 289 yards passing with 4 touchdowns. He had a passer rating of 120.9, top ten in the NFL for Week 1.

We expect Murray to get bumped from an 82 OVR to an 85 OVR.


Deebo Samuel, WR, San Francisco 49ers - 82 OVR

Deebo Samuel has a 92 SPD rating with 91 ACC. He should be one of the better wide receivers to use in Madden 22. However, his rating is only at 82, not for long.

Samuel closed the Week 1 game against the Detroit Lions with 9 receptions for 189 yards and a touchdown. That touchdown was a 79-yard reception where he shrugged off a tackle.

We anticipate a big jump for Samuel from 82 OVR to 86 OVR.

Derek Carr, QB, Las Vegas Raiders - 81 OVR

A lot of questions surrounded Derek Carr heading into Week 1, his Madden 22 rating was part of that. With such a strong arm we're surprised they didn't adjust his rating earlier.

Madden 22 derek carr las vegas raiders
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GAS UP: Derek Carr clocked in a great week 1 showing that should bump his Madden 22 rating this week

The rating adjusters will have to update it soon after Carr had an incredible Week 1 showing against the Baltimore Ravens. He went 34-56, 435 yards, and 2 touchdowns in a Monday Night Football win.

Look for Carr to make a leap from 81 OVR to 84 OVR.


Maxx Crosby, LE, Las Vegas Raiders - 77 OVR

Maxx Crosby, another fellow teammate of Derek Carr should also see a boost to his overall rating after his performance on Monday night.

Lamar Jackson isn't an easy player to bring down, but Maxx Crosby made quick work of it, he ended the night with 6 tackles, 2 sacks, and 5 QB hits.

Due to his relentless motor, we think Crosby will go from a 77 OVR to 80 OVR.

Elijah Mitchell, RB, San Francisco 49ers - 69 OVR

This must've been an oversight in Madden 22, as Elijah Mitchell has in a single week, established himself as a great running back. That 69 OVR rating needs to be adjusted ASAP.

Mitchell finished the game against the Detroit Lions with 19 carries, 104 yards, and a touchdown. He'll also have a more prominent role in the offense going forward.

This is one that the Madden 22 team can't miss, expect a jump from 69 OVR to 75 OVR.