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Madden 22 Saquon Barkley: New gear in The Yard, Player Rating, MUT 22 Ratings

Madden 22 is filled with different NFL players to put your focus on, and leading the pack for the New York Giants is running back Saquon Barkley.

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We've got everything you need to know about Madden 22 ratings for Saquon Barkley, how his rating has changed, his MUT 22 cards, and more.

Latest - The Yard gets new Saquon swag

If you wanna get your Saquon drip rolling in The Yard, there's new swag available!


Play through the Saquon Barkley live event or grab the gear bundle now to get his look in Madden 22 The Yard.

If you get the gear bundle, you will also receive a new Vanity card for Barkley in MUT 22, which you can find more details on below.


Saquon Barkley (New York Giants) - 90 OVR Madden 22 Rating

Every player in Madden 22 is given ratings that apply across the board, including in categories they may not necessarily need like Kick Power, which doesn't have much use for a running back like Saquon Barkley.

We'll highlight the most important Madden 22 Saquon Barkley ratings here, with anything in BOLD indicating a 90+ rating:

  • Speed Rating: 92
  • Acceleration Rating: 93
  • Strength Rating: 81
  • Agility Rating: 96
  • Awareness Rating: 84
  • Catching Rating: 74
  • Carrying Rating: 96
  • Break Tackle Rating: 89
  • Jumping Rating: 94
  • Kick Return Rating: 81
  • Injury Rating: 84
  • Stamina Rating: 97
  • Toughness Rating: 90
  • Trucking Rating: 83
  • Change of Direction Rating: 94
  • BC (Ball Carrier) Vision Rating: 77
  • Stiff Arm Rating: 87
  • Spin Move Rating: 90
  • Juke Move Rating: 92
  • Spectacular Catch Rating: 71
  • Catch in Traffic Rating: 62
  • Short Route Running Rating: 75
  • Medium Route Running Rating: 67

So far we haven't seen any changes to the Madden 22 rating for Saquon Barkley, but we'll note that here if he sees an upgrade or downgrade with the next roster update.

If you want to take a look at his full ratings, including those less important categories we've omitted here, you can find details on that here.

All Saquon Barkley MUT 22 Cards and Ratings

So far, there are five different cards in MUT 22 for Saquon Barkley, and each comes with its own individual ratings.

Core Elite Saquon Barkley, 84 OVR Rating

The first version of Saquon Barkley to arrive was with the base Core Elite set in MUT 22.

Madden 22 MUT 22 Saquon Barkley Rating Ratings Card
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+ 3
CORE ELITE: The primary MUT 22 version of Saquon

Barkley got a solid 84 OVR rating on this card, highlighted by his 85 in Change of Direction, 87 in Agility, and 86 in Speed.

M22 Reward Saquon Barkley, 83 OVR Rating


This very similar version of Barkley is only available through MUT rewards as you play and not via Auction.

This card is just a hair lower, but still has solid Speed and Agility with an 84 in Change of Direction.

Power Up Saquon Barkley, 72 OVR Rating

You'll need to use Training and Items to upgrade the Power Up version of Saquon Barkley into something more worthwhile on the field, but it starts with a good base.

Madden 22 MUT 22 Saquon Barkley Rating Ratings Card
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DO THE WORK: This Power Up doesn't start Elite, but can become Elite

With important stats like Speed, Acceleration, Agility, Jumping, and Change of Direction all hovering near an 80 rating, you can make this version into something special.

Superstars Saquon Barkley, 89 OVR Rating

This is definitely the highlight if you are looking to get the best version of Saquon Barkley on your MUT 22 squad.

Madden 22 MUT 22 Saquon Barkley Rating Ratings Card
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+ 3
SUPERSTARS: This is the best Saquon so far in MUT 22

This Superstars version comes in just below a 90 rating in several key stats, and it's equipped with Spin Cycle, Recuperation, Backfield Master, and the First One Free X Factor Ability.


Vanity Saquon Barkley, 88 OVR Rating

The most recent drop for Saquon Barkley is his Vanity card, arriving with the bundle that you can spend Points on that also includes his new gear in The Yard.

While his ratings are comparable to the Superstars version, he's without the abilities, and as such doesn't have as much value unless you're willing to shell out the cost for the gear bundle that includes this card.