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Madden 22 Playoffs: All players revealed including insane LTD

The Madden 22 Playoffs promo is finally being unveiled, and they're packing tons of content and new players into it this year.

We've got details on all the players that have been revealed so far and what you can expect to land in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

Madden 22 Playoffs: Part 1 revealed ahead of promo launch

We only knew that the Madden 22 Playoffs promo was returning, but we've now learned much more about the program.

Ultimate Team is getting wild as the NFL heads into Wildcard Weekend, and it begins with the Madden 22 Playoffs Part 1 release due on January 14, 2022.

We don't yet have a release time, but expect the program to go live in-game earlier in the morning, potentially as early as 9am ET.

Madden 22 Playoffs
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WILDCARD PREDICTOR: Win MUT Coins if you make the right picks

On top of that, this is only the beginning as they confirmed during a reveal stream on the EA Madden NFL Twitch that the Madden 22 Playoffs promo will be three parts and last for three full weeks.

That means we still have the following two drops on the docket:

  • Madden 22 Playoffs Part 2 on January 21, 2022
  • Madden 22 Playoffs Part 3 on January 28, 2022

The promo will also be packed with exciting challenges and a unique Wildcard Predictor feature where players will be able to win MUT Coins if they correctly pick the winners of a specific Wildcard game.

MUT 22 Playoffs Part 1: All Players Revealed (so far)

While we were expecting a lighter field more in line with last year's lineup, they've gone all out this year for the Madden 22 Playoffs promo.

They also chose not to be as strict with the Playoff format as before, giving us a wide variety of players coming to MUT 22.

Madden 22 Playoffs
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ABILITIES: You can equip Hot Route Master, Escape Artist, AND Gunslinger

Without further ado, here are all of the Madden 22 Playoffs Part 1 players that have been revealed so far:

  • Quinton Jefferson (LE) - 88 OVR - Seattle Seahawks
  • Michael Gallup (WR) - 88 OVR - Dallas Cowboys
  • Ronald Darby (CB) - 88 OVR - Philadelphia Eagles
  • Ryan Succop (K) - 88 OVR - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Jerry Hughes (RE) - 90 OVR - Buffalo Bills
  • Joe Flacco (QB) - 90 OVR - Baltimore Ravens
  • Le'Veon Bell (HB) - 90 OVR - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Adrian Amos (SS) - 90 OVR - Chicago Bears
  • Danny Trevathan (MLB) - 92 OVR - Denver Broncos
  • Adam Thielen (WR) - 92 OVR - Minnesota Vikings
  • Keanu Neal (SS) - 92 OVR - Atlanta Falcons
  • Raheem Mostert (HB) - 92 OVR - San Francisco 49ers
  • Cory Littleton (ROLB) - 94 OVR - Los Angeles Rams
  • Taylor Lewan (LT) - 94 OVR - Tennessee Titans
  • Jared Cook (TE) - 94 OVR - Green Bay Packers
  • Jadeveon Clowney (LE) - 94 OVR - Houston Texans
  • Marquise Brown (WR) - 94 OVR - Baltimore Ravens
  • Stephon Gilmore (CB) - 94 OVR - New England Patriots
  • NAT Leonard Floyd (LOLB) - 93 OVR - All NFC Teams
  • LTD Johnny Unitas (QB) - 97 OVR - Indianapolis Colts

On top of these cards, the Champions will be revealed during the MCS Wild Card stream and should only add to the exciting cards we've already learned are joining Ultimate Team.

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