Madden 22: March Title Update could bring Franchise Mode updates

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The next Madden 22 Title Update isn't far away now that we're rolling into March. However, the questions surrounding Franchise Mode continue to mount.

We're hoping for some big changes and have some predictions surrounding those changes. However, it's only speculation for the time being.

For now, let's go over the expected Madden 22 Title Update.

Madden 22 Title Update Release Date

The February Title Update was released on February 3rd, 2022 and we expect the March update will hit on March 3, 2022.

In the last update, new Superstar X-Factor players were added to the game, perhaps we could see a few more added this time as well. However, there's a more pressing issue that we think EA will address this time.

Madden 22 Title Update
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FRANCHISE MODE: Hopefully Franchise Mode gets some love this time

There are a few things included in Franchise Mode that players were supposed to receive a long time ago. Since the NFL season is over, perhaps they can focus on it this time around?

Let's make some predictions concerning the changes coming to the game during the March Madden 22 Title update.

Madden 22 Title Update Predictions

Of course, the Madden 22 Title Update will encompass quite a few different things including things like ratings. However, during the last update, we only saw the addition of Superstar X-Factor players.

Hopefully, the March update is larger and we see unique changes come to the game surrounding Franchise Mode. For now, nothing has been revealed, but we're hopeful.

Madden 22 Title Update
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FREE ON EA PLAY: You can now get Madden 22 for free!

If you haven't played Madden 22 yet, but would like to you can do so by heading here to learn how to sign up for EA Play before the Madden 22 Title Update.

Franchise Mode Updates for Madden 22

Fans were hoping to receive these Franchise Mode updates when Madden 22 was at it's peak. However, only a few updates have been seen so far.

However, it might be because Madden has died down that we'll actually get the updates we had expected earlier in the year. Perhaps, we might see a specific portion of the March Title Update dedicated to Franchise Mode.

Madden 22 Title Update
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BUILD A FRANCHISE: Is there a chance for Franchise Mode updates?

Either way, we'll find out the exact specifications of the Title Update on or around March 3rd, 2022. It'd be nice to see EA make good on their promise this time around.

Until then, we'll do our best to keep you updated on the new Madden 22 news, including player ratings, Franchise Mode updates, and MUT 22 items.

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