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Madden 22: Franchise Scouting update in September absolutely must deliver

Madden 22 is ready to deliver a Franchise Scouting update already planned for September, but the pressure is on.

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In order to make up for issues at launch and continued criticism of this year's game, the Madden 22 Franchise Scouting update absolute must deliver.

Madden 22: Franchise Scouting update expected in September


While we don't know an exact date, it was stated ahead of the Madden 22 launch that a brand new in-depth scouting system would come to Franchise this September.

Considering it's not a few days into September, fans are already clamoring to find out exactly when the upgrade hits Franchise.

The hype for the Madden 22 Franchise Scouting update really kicked into high gear back during EA Play Live as one episode of the Spotlight Series turned focus towards this new feature.

We got tons of details about the nuances of scouting and the work that's being done to make this feature truly a gamechanger for Franchise.

However, we also got nothing more specific on the release date for this feature than "September," and the clock is ticking as we now arrive in that very month.


First Title Update and Patch Notes delivered much needed fixes

There is good news, however, as Madden 22 just delivered their September Title Update yesterday, and it's the first to address many issues since the title was released.

After launch, players have been plagued by bugs and glitches, most frustrating among them likely being the now infamous "Franchise Final Score Bug" where it changed wins to losses in offline Franchise saves.

There were also issues with desync, bugs affecting Face of the Franchise, and tons of other problems across all of Madden 22.

The Patch Notes for the September Title Update showed just how much got addressed, and that's good news for the stability and consistency of the title going forward.

Madden 22 and Franchise Mode are still lacking

While some general upgrades have been made, right now Madden 22 still feels like a minor improvement compared to last year.

Additions to next gen like Gameday Momentum are fun, but they don't do enough to make up for gameplay feeling nearly identical to previous years.

Madden 22 franchise scouting update september
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STAFF MANAGEMENT: The return of coordinators was a step in the right direction

Meanwhile, Franchise has been boosted by the additions of Staff Management and a decent Scenario engine, but lack of scouting is haunting it.

As of now, Franchise is still stuck with the old points-based scouting system which obligates you to take extra care each week to even get a slight benefit out of it.

Tack on the major bugs affecting Franchise saves before the September Title Update, and it's no surprise that many fans have felt disappointed by the mode.


Franchise Scouting update needs to absolutely deliver

Ultimately, it all comes down to this next update: Franchise Scouting absolute has to deliver what has been promised as a gamechanging new feature.

With reports of bugs and glitches getting so bad that "how to get a refund" is a serious topic of conversation, Madden 22 needs something significant to change the conversation.

If scouting fails to improve Franchise enough, or (even worse) fails to release in September, there's nothing stopping the narrative becoming about the failure of Madden 22.

You can tell from the update they gave during EA Play Live that developers are working diligently, and they're passionate about the changes they hope to deliver, but good intentions only go so far.

Madden 22 needs a win, and it looks the only way they'll get it in time is by making a major impact with the Franchise Scouting update.