*BUY NOW* Madden 22 Black Friday: Best Deals for ALL Platforms

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Black Friday is coming fast, and you can already get some incredible Black Friday deals for Madden 22 now!

We've done the heavy lifting to find the best Madden 22 Black Friday deals available now, and as more things are released closer to Black Friday, we'll update you with all of the latest offers!


Madden 22 Black Friday Release Date

Madden 22 Black Friday deals are already rolling out, and there are some incredible options between the PlayStation and Microsoft stores as well as retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, and more.

Madden 22 Black Friday Patriots
ALMOST TIME: Black Friday is just around the corner and so are the deals

While these deals on the game are fantastic, it's not all we expect to see from Madden 22 for Black Friday.

What we're hoping is that there will be some in-game Black Friday deals as well, perhaps discounted rates for MUT 22 packs or discounted prices for Training Points.

We expect the Madden 22 Black Friday sale should really heat up on November 26, 2021, and hopefully extend through November 30, 2021. For now, though, you can enjoy the game for up to 56% off using the deals below!

Madden 22 Black Friday Deals (so far)

It's still early so not all of the Black Friday deals have been revealed, but we have some current deals going on through Amazon, Steam, the PlayStation Store, and Xbox.


Once the official Black Friday deals are revealed for Madden 22, including the in-game ones we hope to see, we'll be sure to update you.

Madden 22 Discounted price PlayStation Store
DISCOUNTS: Check out the current discount for EA Play Members on Madden 22

Here are the current best deals on Madden 22, reaching up to 56% off:

Madden 22 on PlayStation consoles

Madden 22 on Xbox consoles

  • Madden 22 MVP Edition Xbox One/Series X|S - $49.99 (Microsoft Store)
  • Madden 22 Standard Edition Xbox Series X - $35.00 (Walmart)
  • Madden 22 Standard Edition Xbox One - $26.00 (Walmart)

Madden 22 on PC

  • Madden 22 MVP Edition PC- $39.99 (Steam)
  • Madden 22 Standard Edition PC - $29.99 (Steam)

We'll also keep you updated on any of the Cyber Monday deals as well.

Other Potential Madden 22 Black Friday Deals

It'll be great for players who don't already have the game to be able to purchase Madden 22 for a discounted rate. But what about those who purchased when the game was released?

We believe that there will at least be a deal on Training Points for Madden Ultimate Team or even discounts for some of the sets in MUT 22.

Last year, we saw Training Points be discounted from $19.99 to $17.99 for 2200 Points. Hopefully, we'll get an announcement on that soon.