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Madden 20: MUT auction house bargains

Madden Ultimate Team is one of the best game modes available, at least among sports games. It gives the player so many different formats to play, all the while giving the player the ability to build a team exactly to their wishes or requirements.

For some it is a playground to play fun challenges and use their favorite players, for others it is a hardcore platform to flex on their opponents. Either way, to get what you want from it can be a grind – especially if you’re not able to or prepared to spend money.

So, coins are the lifeblood of your team. They can be so hard to come by and stock pile that you need to spend them wisely. With such a large catalogue of players, how are you meant to know which players to buy? Well, we’re here to help.

Here is a list of players who, considering what they can do for your team, are a bargain.

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Jamal Adams, SS, New York Jets – 84 OVR Core Elite

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Notable ratings: 82 speed (SPD), 74 tackling (TAK), 86 hit power (POW),  57 block shedding (BSH), 83 pursuit (PUR), 85 play recognition (PRC), 79 man coverage (MCV) and 80 zone coverage (ZCV)


Costing around 26,000 coins it may seem weird to call Adams a bargain, but compared to players around him he absolutely is one.

When you consider you’ll be spending an extra 10,000 coins, minimum, to get an 85 OVR or higher rated SS you’d be silly to overlook Adams if you have the coins. Then, consider the fact that Adams’ ratings actually equal or exceed players such as an 85 OVR John Johnson III, 86 OVR Eric Reid or 86 OVR Tony Jefferson.

He is going to be able to elevate your team’s performance for a long time.

Jordan Poyer, SS, Buffalo Bills – 87 OVR Ultimate Kickoff

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Notable ratings: 83 SPD, 73 TAK, 70 POW, 61 BSH, 88 PUR, 84 PRC, 81 MCV, 88 ZCV


Staying at the SS safety position, Poyer, at around 95,000 coins, again may seem unreasonable, especially considering his current rating isn’t 60,000 coins worth better than Adams. But, Poyer will improve as the season goes on.

As part of his program, Ultimate Kickoff, Poyer will improve one overall each time the Bills win (until 93 OVR). If you buy him now for 95,000 coins, you could have a 93 OVR SS who is good in coverage and run stuffing, for about 200k less than you’d pay for the current highest rated SS, 91 OVR Ed Reed.

That is a bargain if you ask me.

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Joe Schobert, MLB, Cleveland Browns – 85 OVR TOTW 4

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Notable stats: 79 SPD, 72 STR, 79 TAK, 77 POW, 76 BSH, 84 PUR, 90 PRC, 71 ZCV


At roughly 35,000 coins Schobert is very good value.

86 OVR Myles Jack, 87 OVR Jordan Hicks, 87 OVR Luke Kuechly, 88 OVR Bobby Wagner and 88 OVR Kwon Alexander are all stronger in certain areas than Schobert. But, Schobert is at least 15,000 coins cheaper and can be a rock on defense under your control or left to himself.

His play recognition, pursuit and block shedding make him very effective as a run stopper, and is mobile enough to be good in coverage, especially if you take control of him. As cheap as he is and as good as he is against run he is a bargain.

Adam Thielen, WR, Minnesota Vikings – 91 OVR MUT Heroes

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Notable Ratings: 86 SPD, 90 catching (CTH), 88 short route running (SRR), 87 MRR, 84 DRR, 86 catch in traffic (CIT), 90 spectacular catch (SPC), 89 release (RLS)


Thielen is the joint second best receiver in MUT based on overall. Of the 91 OVR receivers he is the cheapest, at roughly 223k. That isn’t cheap, and getting that many coins is tough. But, if you’re in this market he is the one to go for.

Compared to others around him, Stefon Diggs, Chris Godwin, TY Hilton and Sammy Watkins for example, he is the logical choice. He is also at least 60,000 coins cheaper. He may not be as fast, but his route running at all three levels is better or not far off, his release is excellent and his catching in all scenarios is immense. He doesn’t need the speed, and with the savings you can strengthen your team in other areas.

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Trent Williams, LT, Washington Redskins – 86 OVR Core Elite

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Notable Stats: 86 strength (STR), 83 run block (RBK), 80 run block power (RBP), 84 run block footwork (RBF), 83 pass block (PBK), 86 pass block power (PBP), 82 pass block footwork (PBF), 81 lead block (LBK), 84 impact block (IBL)


Williams’ core card is still the tenth best LT in the game (that you can buy in the auction house), and at about 55,000 coins that is a bargain.

What makes Williams a bargain is how good he is across the board, while also being one of the stronger tackles. When compared with the best LT in the game, 91 OVR David Bakhtiari, he is a better run blocker and is virtually just as strong, without dropping off too much in pass protection. What’s more, he is at least a quarter of the price.

He’s also cheaper than 88 OVR Tyron Smith and 88 OVR Ronnie Stanley, 40,000 coins cheaper, but offers similar production.

His strength and versatility gives you important production at a very reasonable price.

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