Madden 20: Who should be the next MUT Legends?

Brian Urlacher & Jim Brown have arrived, but who should be next for the MUT series?

Madden Ultimate Team has a wide and diverse range of NFL history within it. Not only are players like Pat Tillman and Torry Holt heavily featured, but legends cards ranging from John Elway to Alan Page and Mel Blount are available, giving you a big slice of NFL greats to mix into your current players and TOTW cards.

MUT’s latest update included Brian Urlacher and Jim Brown Legends cards, which got us thinking, which other NFL greats deserve Legends cards this year?

Bart Starr, Green Bay Packers

The NFL has been making a big celebration of its 100th season this year, which included making the Green Bay Packers & Chicago Bears the very first game of the year rather than the defending champion New England Patriots.

What better way to continue that celebration than putting the MVP of Super Bowl I & II into MUT with his very own Legends card?

MUT already has Steve Young, Troy Aikman, and John Elway under center as Legends, but adding Starr would take the NFL back in history more than it usually does.

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Walter Jones, Seattle Seahawks

BRICK WALL: Jones is the perfect LT for any offense

There aren’t enough offensive linemen cards out there. There is of course Anthony Munoz Legends card and the Heavyweight collection, but that is nothing compared to the depth of choice you have at other positions.

One way of correcting this would be to add arguably the best left tackle since Munoz, Seattle’s monster Walter Jones. a 9-time Pro Bowler that was named to the 2000s All-Decade team, Seattle retired Jones’ #71, the very mark of a legend. Jones had a 98 OVR Ultimate Legends card in Madden 18, so a 92 OVR Legends card this year would make sense.

Kevin Williams, Minnesota Vikings

One of the great things about the NFL is that teams develop an identity that allows for generational comparison.

The Purple People Eaters was a nickname given to the Vikings defensive line in the late 60s and 70s, and that was replicated in the 2000s by the Williams Wall. One half of that pair, Kevin Williams, made 5 All-Pro teams and was named to the 2000s All-Decade team. Being able to line up Page & Williams would be a wonderful way of celebrating the NFL’s team identity and physical history.

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Jason Taylor, Miami Dolphins

SACK MASTER: Imagine bringing the heat with Miami’s great pass rusher

The Miami Dolphins are having a horrific time of it in 2019. At 0-4 they are on their way to being one of the worst teams in NFL history. Madden is meant to bring joy to all fans, but trying to play with Dolphins players this year is awful. EA can correct some of that by making a Miami icon into a MUT Legend.

Jason Taylor played 13 seasons in Miami, picking up 131 of his 139.5 career sacks as a Dolphin before he retired after the 2011 season. Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017 and sitting 7th in the all-time sack list, Taylor is a perfect candidate for a Legends card sooner rather than later.

Wes Welker, New England Patriots

This might not sound like an ideal Legend after so many Hall of Famers, but MUT’s best cards at wide receiver are exclusively outside threats. The slot position is crucial to the modern NFL, and as a result the way the Madden 20 playbooks work.

The first, and arguably greatest, slot receiver to revolutionize the game was Wes Welker. When he arrived in New England ahead of the 2007 season there wasn’t much fanfare, but what ensued was an offensive earthquake as the Patriots tore the NFL to shreds. Since then teams have been looking for their own Welker, who led the NFL in receptions 3 times and was named an All-Pro twice thanks to his chain-moving, coverage-beating skills from the inside.

With Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice, and Marvin Harrison the only Legends WRs it would make sense to add the ultimate slot receiver to the Legends editions.

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