Madden 20: Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive playbook money plays

The Chiefs have a diverse passing game and their offensive playbook has some gems in it.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Thanks to Andy Reid’s play calling and scheming, plus Patrick Mahomes’ freakish arm, the Kansas City Chiefs offense has been humming, but none of it would be possible without their playbook.

That offensive firepower has come to Madden 20 with the Chiefs offensive playbook. With 28 formations including a pistol set and 18 shotgun looks there is plenty of plays to choose from in this playbook, but what are the best ones to use?

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Gun Wing Stack – Fade Out

X OUT: That’s your money receiver

This play doesn’t look like it would be money, but it certainly is. The WR stack is very powerful in Madden as it often plays havoc with AI defenders and their coverage drops.

What this play does is line up two tight ends to one side and a stack of receivers on the other, which gives you both a heavy run look and an optimal release for one of your receivers.

The 3 vertical routes will put pressure on any cover 2 system, especially if you have a good tight end like Evan Engram or Austin Hooper. The primary route is the off-line receiver and their out route. Against anything but a cover 2 zone this will be open, but as we said the cover 2 is extremely vulnerable to the vertical routes, while the check down to the RB comes open if a user linebacker drops to protect the safeties.

If your opponent goes into dime or dollar defences to defend the deep routes you can audible to a run and slice them up with your heavy front. It really does do everything this play.

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Gun Bunch Quads – Inside Post

CONFUSION: Sprinkle this formation in to cause chaos

Quads formations can drive opponents crazy. They often shift and overload to the quad side, leaving you with plenty of space on the one-on-one side.

If they don’t overload then windows can pop up everywhere, especially with the Inside Post play.

Against man coverage you have the one-on-one streak to the left and the TE flat route (Y/Triangle) as a hot read against blitz. The deep over route from the A/X receiver also comes open if you have the time to hold the ball.

Against zone then the RB/R1 post route comes open into a window quickly on break and then again deep in the route, while the flat/curl combo gives you excellent iso against a cover 2 corner and in cover 3 the solo receiver can still get open deep.

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Gun Y Off Trips – Slant 2 Buc

READS: Isolate & destroy the middle linebacker

The 2 Buc plays are a terrific way of combating a good user linebacker. This one is particularly deadly as it attacks the middle of the field from 3 directions.

Against man coverage, especially cover 1, you have a go route to stretch the field from B/O that can score a touchdown if he gets behind the corner. The post route from RB/R1 and if you have a good receiver one will get open for a huge play.

Against zone the RB/R1 will split 2-high looks, while if a user linebacker tries to play Tampa 2 then you will have the X/Square dig route and the A/X TE short curl both attack the void that Tampa 2 MLB will leave if he bails deep.

This play is all about reading that linebacker, because wherever he goes in a zone coverage there is a hole that one of your receivers is moving into.

Toby Durant