Madden 20: How to get MUT coins fast

How can you build your Ultimate Team and rake in coins? We’ve got the answers!

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

It’s no secret that the fastest way to make a brilliant MUT team is to spend money, but what if you want to play Ultimate Team for free?

How can you compete with the best squads and money players if you aren’t dropping dollars on MUT? By raking in coins and spending them wisely.

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How to get MUT coins fast

Coins are the easiest Madden Ultimate Team currency to get. It’s impossible to do anything in MUT without winning some coins, but they can’t buy you everything. Many of the best packs and highest OVR players are only found in packs that you need MUT Points to buy, which means you’ll need to get those cards in the Auction House, which will cost even more coins.

So how can you maximize your earnings and keep the coins flowing into your account?

Solo Battles

Let’s start with Solo Battles, as if you do well with these then you can get Trophies currency too.

Every week there are new AI-controlled teams for your to battle with your squad and fresh rewards to be had.

You can pick your difficulty level, with the lower ones resulting in fewer points toward your Battle Score, so finding your level is important. Winning each of the games is key, so make sure you pick a level you are confident of securing victory.

The opponents refresh every few days, so don’t stress about trying to rack up 200,000 points in 5 games. You’ll get 1,000 coins for winning a game, and as your Battle Score increases you’ll get a nice return, if you make sure to play the full slate of games every week you should be able to reach the All-Star tier of rewards, which will give you 30,000 coins as a reward, along with 30 Trophies and some packs to open.

That won’t buy you a stud in the Auction House, but after a few weeks the results will soon add up.

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This game mode gives you a brand new base team that you then add to with 22 picks, creating a pretty strong and balanced squad for you to play with. It’s a great equaliser as it means you aren’t going against a team stacked with Legends and TOTW cards.

The safest path is to play Solo Draft against the CPU. These are pretty easy games and it’s a good way of making 9,000 coins profit and winning some packs. There is no limit to how many times you can do this, but it is a grind.

If you are more confident in your skills you can take to the head-to-head Draft. The Premium Draft will cost 15,000 coins to enter but you are guaranteed 9,000 back if you lose your first game. The top prize for taking 6 wins in a row is 40,000 coins along with 60 competitive currency and 6 packs. It will be a tough run to the big prize though.

Ranked Draft is perhaps a better bet. If you crash out in the first game you’ll only lose 3,000 coins and will still get a Hail Mary pack. The top prize is 30,000 coins and 30 competitive currency along with 5 packs.

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The rewards here aren’t repeatable, but the small trickle of coins they provide can soon add up. Most challenges only take a few plays to win, meaning you can knock out a lot of these in one MUT session.

They also have the added benefit of often working you toward a very strong card. The Gauntlet Ultimate Challenges are a great example of this. Collect 100 of the 150 stars and you’ll get an 89 OVR player, either JuJu Smith-Schuster, Leonard Fournette, Ed Oliver, Devin White, or Derwin James. These cards can’t be auctioned either.

Complete the full 150 stars and you’ll get 7 new cards and 50,000 coins as a reward, along with the 100-350 coins that each star brings. The grind is real, but the rewards are too and you can soon have a stockpile that lets you buy packs or win your favorite player in the Auction House.


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