Fastest RBs in Madden 24

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Madden 24 RBs

The new NFL season is nearly here and everyone is looking for the fastest running backs in Madden 24. This year's game hasn't broken the mold, but Madden 24 is keeping players engaged with solid gameplay.

As ever in Madden though, speed is vital. Fast QBs can scramble around and make plays, and fast running backs can burst away from the defense and score from anywhere on the field.

With improved blocking this year, the running game is back in a big way which means you need some speed in your backfield!

Fastest running backs in Madden 24

In this particular article, we will be taking a look at the fastest RBs in Madden 24. Speed is the name of the game for RBs, even though strength is also important. Faster RBs are harder to catch, can easily gain plenty of yards, and are quick to punish a gap in the defense.

These players are organised by outright speed, with acceleration as a tie-breaker. We don't care about OVR here, we just want the fastest RBs in Madden 24.

So, let's take a look at who they are.

Raheem Mostert (79 OVR)

Team: Miami Dolphins

Speed: 95

Acceleration: 96

There is no RB faster than Raheem Mostert in Madden 24. The Miami Dolphins player is lighting fast, with 95 speed. Furthermore, he is also quick at reaching his maximum speed, with a 96 acceleration.

Raheem Mostert
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Credit: The Phinsider

This means that Mostert is able to blow by defenders easily and conquer important yards. If he finds a gap in the defense, and has blockers protecting him, good luck preventing him from reaching the end zone.

If you are looking for an incredibly fast RB, Mostert is your man.

Devon Achane

Team: Miami Dolphins

Speed: 95

Acceleration: 94

Devon Achane also plays for the Miami Dolphins, and just like Mostert, he is incredibly fast. Achane has 95 speed and 94 acceleration, which helps him get past defenders.

He is also very fast at spotting a gap in the defense and attacking it. Achane is not that strong, but if he manages to avoid the defenders' tackles, he can easily carry the ball into the end zone. Only the fastest defenders in the game will be able to keep up with his speed.

Kene Nwangwu

Team: Minnesota Vikings

Speed: 94

Acceleration: 95

Kene Nwangwu had a great 2022 season, and his incredible speed played an important role in it. Madden 24 made sure to reflect that, giving him a 94 speed and 95 acceleration.

Kene Nwangwu
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Credit: Minnesota Vikings

With Nwangwu being such a fast player, and also possessing decent strength, he can help your team's running game reach the next level. He does that by helping you secure some crucial yards, or blowing by defenders to reach the end zone.

Kenneth Walker III

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Speed: 94

Acceleration: 94

Kenneth Walker III was one of the most exciting rookies of the 2022 season. The Seattle Seahawks RB had a very successful career in college, and he was always known for one particular thing, his spectacular speed.

In Madden 24, Walker has a splendid 94 speed and 94 acceleration. He can easily leave opponents behind, and sprint past even the fastest defenders. His strength attribute is also decent, with Walker having a 79 strength rating.

Jonathan Taylor

Team: Indianapolis Colts

Speed: 94

Acceleration: 93

Jonathan Taylor is not only one of the best RBs in Madden 24, but he is also one of the fastest. The Colts' superstar player has an astonishing 94 speed and 94 acceleration. When Taylor takes off, opponents have a very hard time stopping him.

Indianapolis Colts RB Jonathan Taylor
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Credit: Stampede Blue

Taylor is also quite strong, with an 82 strength rating. This makes it harder for defenders to tackle him. So, if you are looking for a fast RB that is also quite strong and can force his way through defenses, Taylor is your best option.


Other fastest RBs in Madden 24

Player Team Speed Acceleration OVR
Jahmyr GibbsDetroit Lions94 9377
Isiah PachecoKansas City Chiefs939580
Keaton MitchellBaltimore Ravens939564
Tony PollardDallas Cowboys939588
Ty ChandlerMinnesota Vikings939566
Travis EtienneJaguars939484
Matt BreidaNew York Giants939373
Saquon BarkleyNew York Giants939393
James CookBuffalo Bills929375
Nyheim HinesBuffalo Bills929375

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