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Most Feared Scary Fast: Masters revealed, LTD, Solos & House rules

The next step of Most Feared, Madden 21's Halloween promo, is Scary Fast!

These section of the promo will contain some legit beasts that will terrorize your opponent, if you can get them into your squad.

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Scary Fast masters

The two big 92 OVR masters are Terry McLaurin and Derrick Thomas!

Scary Fast Terry McLaurin
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BEAST: McLaurin has 93 speed!
Scary Fast Derrick Thomas
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SACK CITY: Thomas will be a monster off the edge

You can earn these in sets by turning in two of the 90 OVR Heroes (Raheem Mostert & Jaire Alexander) an 87 OVR Scary Fast card, and an 85 OVR Scary Fast card.

Scary Fast LTD

There is also a mega LTD. DeAndre Hopkins!

Most Feared LTD DeAndre Hopkins
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DO IT ALL: Hopkins will crush opponents at every level

Hopkins will only be in packs for a short time, so if you want him get opening.

Solos update

The next batch of solo challenges are out too, which will let you grind out a NAT 90 OVR Hero on Boneyard Brawl and more potions on Castle Jakenstein.

If you haven't used your potions yet then you should have enough to get another 90 OVR Hero.

New House Rules

Both opponents will be using the same team in this House Rules event. That means its entirely skill based, with a combination of Most Feared Players, gnomes, giants, and others!

Most Feared house rules
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PLAY RIGHT: Use the points rules to your advantage!

As a three-day event, you can earn a 90 OVR NAT Hero with 25 wins.

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