24 Aug 2021 10:23 PM +00:00

When does League of Legends' 11.17 update actually come out?

The next major League of Legends update is nearly here, and it's packed with some new skins and big changes (Viego players be warned).

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Here's everything you need to known about League of Legends' 11.17 update - including when it will arrive, and what it will include.



We're just hours out from LoL 11.17, and Riot have finally given us an official set of patch notes!

With the update bringing plenty of new skins and some big buffs and nerfs, it's worth reading over before your next queue.

When does the next League of Legends update drop?

Riot Games likes to keep to a schedule and this means we should see League of Legends' 11.17 update release at the following times - depending on Server Region - on August 25th:

  • 03:00 PST - NA
  • 03:00 CET - EUNE
  • 05:00 BST - EUW
  • 08:00 KST - Korea

The League of Legends servers are all updated at slightly different times, with several hours of Server Downtime expected when the patching starts, so make sure you keep an eye out.

Matchmaking and Competitive queues should be disabled around three hours before the times stated above, though. This will mean everyone can play through their final game before the update without having anything interrupted when Server Downtime starts.

What are we expecting from 11.17?

As mentioned above, the Viego nerf is the biggest talking point for the 11.17 update. He's going to have almost every ability tweaked in an effort to "drain power" from his resets. If you look below, you'll find lol_insider's reporting:

In addition to this, Lucian is going to have his W and Ultimate tweaked - this should force him into a Bot Lane role over his current dominance in Mid Lane.

There's also going to be minor changes to Amumu, Akshan, Evelynn, Graves, and Lissandra - among others. It's nothing we haven't seen before, but it will be interesting to see how these changes affect the Champion meta in the next iteration of League of Legends.

It's also worth noting that there's going to be a few item changes and Fleet Footwork - the rune - is going to be altered. From 11.17 onwards, it's going to be more balanced between Ranged Healing and Melee Healing from killing Minions.