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Few things are as prestigious in the EU LCS as earning the MVP award. The title is traditionally given to the best pro of the split, someone who played an integral part on his respective team. And while League of Legends careers tend to be fleeting, the names of the most valuable players are forever engraved in the annals of competitive history.

Without delaying any longer, let’s get down to our complete list of the EU LCS MVP award winners:



Henrik "Froggen" Hansen, mid laner for Alliance

Stats: 4.36 KDA, 8.61 CS per minute, 72.9% kill participation over 28 games.

Best champions: Zed (3W-0L), LeBlanc (3W-1L), Nidalee (2W-0L)

If you think Froggen is a monster now, you should’ve seen him in his glory days. The Danish mid laner entered the 2014 Spring split with his own hand-picked super team, Alliance. The lineup struggled to live up to the hype, but Froggen himself was on top of his game and consistently blew his competition out of the water with his solid, controlled playstyle.

But don’t take our word for it and check out a montage of his best plays below: