Top 5 Best Mid-laners in LEC Winter Split 2023

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LEC Mid laners

The LEC is headed towards a brand new season, and fans are anxious to see their favourite pros after the offseason. Big format changes have come to the region, as well as new teams, and a ton of unexpected changes to the rosters that were competing last season.

One role that has seen relatively few changes is the mid-lane, which has been arguably the most important for some time now. We've broken down the best that Europe has to offer this split, and who we expect to come out on top.

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Honourable Mention - XL Vetheo

Vetheo LEC
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One of the only changes to LEC mid-laners this split sees Vetheo make the move from Misfits to Excel. `Joining a fully rebuilt roster around ADC Patrik, Excel is almost a superteam, with several crucial players from 2022 rosters joining.

Vetheo was key to Misfit's success recently, dubbed the wonderkid for impressive outplays on mechanical champions. His Akali performance to come back from an open nexus against G2 in spring really cemented him as one of the most exciting players in the league to watch.

5 - MAD Nisqy

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After returning from North America and joining MAD Lions for the 2022 LEC Summer split, Nisqy made quite the impact. From not qualifying for playoffs in spring, MAD spent much of the Summer Split in the top 3, despite a rocky performance in Playoffs and Worlds Play-Ins.

This is a testament to Nisqy's experience and leadership, as well as his game sense which is crucial to success in mid. With a new team, and a bot lane looking for redemption this winter, he will need to be the stabilising voice more than ever.

4 - VIT Perkz

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While Perkz probably deserves a higher spot on the list of best LEC mid-laners, he definitely has something to prove in 2023. He was the best-performing player on Vitality in 2022, but with the team struggling to find an identity and get results, it was hard for his expertise to shine.

Perkz is the longest-serving mid-laner on our list, and his experience is a huge asset to any team. Alongside ex-Misfits coach Carter, he will be instrumental in pulling together the new Vitality roster.

3 - KOI Larssen

LEC KOI Larssen
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Third place may seem harsh for the 2022 summer champion, but he has some stiff competition in the LEC. Nonetheless, Larssen had a fantastic showing in Summer 2022, particularly in playoffs, and was a crucial aspect of the team's success.

Showing last year that he could diversify his style from control mages, and still have standout performances on assassins like Akali and Leblanc helped his team in draft and in-game considerably. If he can maintain this form he will remain top 3 for some time to come.

2 - FNC Humanoid

LEC FNC Humanoid
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Humanoid had what can only be described as an abysmal start to the summer 2022 season. Frequently gank-prone and failing to make a serious impact, many of Fnatic's struggles rested on his shoulders. However, as playoffs arrived, he woke up.

As a player that famously sees the League of Legends as a job, this is not the first time Humanoid has only shown up when he has to in the LEC. This year was particularly stark, however, as FNC worked their way through playoffs, up to taking a game off Rogue with his Sylas performance, he seriously ramped up.

This culminated in him being one of the most impressive mid-laners at Worlds hands down, with one of the highest DPS stats in the tournament. We now know Humanoid's ceiling is huge, but whether he will apply himself to the winter split remains to be seen.


1 - G2 Caps

LEC G2 Caps
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Caps is a player that needs no introduction, having taken down some of the best mid-laners in the World, and dominating domestically for over half a decade. He remains one of the best-performing mids, despite frequently being targeted, as the main strategy teams have of taking down G2.

He will have to adapt this year, however. Since 2019, Caps has had Jankos at his side, and before that, he was shadowed by Broxah. These two veterans have certainly played a role in his success, forming two of the most dominant mid-jungle pairings the LEC has ever seen.

Now with Yike by his side, a rookie from the LFL, Caps will still be a core element of G2's strategy, but the onus will perhaps be on him more than ever before to lead the charge.

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