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Mad Lions are Back With All Important Win Against SGB at Worlds 2022

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MAD Play ins

Worlds 2022 was a lucky break for MAD, who made it in despite not winning a single best-of-5 in the LEC Playoffs. They came with everything to prove, and so far are doing just that.

Group B is a play-in group of death, with League of Legends giants in RNG and DRX to contend with, as well as strong wildcards. Mad Lions are stepping up though, despite the limited international experience on the roster.

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MAD was fighting SGB from behind early on

An early mishap in the jungle led to Razork's demise, then a fantastic gank onto Nisqy was able to shut him down early. SGB showed fantastic proactivity in the first few levels, but it came back to bite them.

Unforgiven lol
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As MAD hit level 6, the death ball of their comp came online, and 3 kills went their way in a skirmish. Two went to Nisqy, setting up his Swain for success as he scaled.

MAD was able to gain small advantages across the map, although the lost the first drake. They entered the mid-game well set up, and with scaling on their side.

Teamfighting: Who did it better?

Both teams had drafted for 5v5 fights, but MAD's execution was superior. Moving as one, the game was blown open by a fight around the second Herald. MAD walked away with 4 kills, with only 1 in answer.

Teamfights went back and forth, but after nearly 10 minutes of stalemate, a triple kill for Elyoya's Hecarim gifted MAD the baron. This allowed them to really ramp up the pressure, and win a final fight around soul point for SGB.

SGB lol
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The real test for Mad Lions will come tomorrow against group leaders DRX, but if today is anything to go by, they will give them a solid challenge.

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