14 Jul 2021 3:35 PM +00:00

League of Legends Akshan: Everything We Know About The New Hero

League of Legends now has over 140 champions for players to choose from so there's so much to keep your eye on. With Update 11.15 on the way and so many updates already behind us, it can be easy to lose track of everything.

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That's why, when the Legend Akshan was announced, you may have been a little surprised. This is everything you should know about the upcoming character and when you can expect to play him for yourself.

League of Legends Akshan Announcement

In a short two-minute trailer, Akshan is seen finding a relic that he then uses to swing into battle. In this, he fights with the ideals of, presumably, his ancestors before deciding to carve his own fate in the world.


He uses that relic as a hook to propel himself forward to attack enemies much quicker. Look at the trailer above to find out a little more about the character himself and his story.

Akshan Release Date

Akshan is set to release on the date that update 11.15 will go live. This means that. if everything goes well, we should expect to see him go live on July 21st.


What Does He Do?

Akshan is a rogue and that shows in his abilities. He is quick and does a tonne of damage but will die very easily. You need to swing in there, do damage and go invisible.

He can gain active camouflage for a few seconds that can hide him from enemies and can even revive dead friends. This makes him a deadly addition to a team. He can do huge damage and revive his friends, all followed up by a disappearance.

This is a hero that will be played very erratically and in response to what's going on. If you like to pull the game around and be very responsive to all attacks, Akshan is your hero.