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GTA Online The Contract: How to start Short Trip Co-Op Missions

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The Contract is easily one of the best GTA Online expansions we've seen to date - and that's not just because of all the celebrity cameos it comes with. The Contract adds the largest post-launch Radio Station update to date, a new investable business, and a huge chunk of narrative content.

However, it also adds the Short Trip Co-Op Missions. There's a lot to do, but if you want to kick back with Lamar and Franklin, then you need to check these short missions out. Here's everything you need to know about how you can start them.

How to start the Short Trip Co-Op Missions

If you want to take part in the Short Trip Co-Op Missions, then you need to make sure you're playing with a 'partner' before you head into Record A Studios in Rockford Hills. This building has been added to GTA Online through The Contract update, but it's only available when you've finished all the main missions that come with The Contract update.

When you hit the end of this narrative, you'll be invited to Dre's studio with Franklin and Lamar which will open up access to the Record A Studios and the first Short Trip Co-Op Mission.

GTA Online The Contract Short Trip Co-Op Missions
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PLAY AS FRANKLIN - We can't wait to check this out!

When you first enter Record A Studios, the first Short Trip Co-Op Mission will be triggered - it's called Seed Capital.

Following this, you should be able to find the following two missions - Fire It Up and OG Kush - by finding the Lamar Davis (LD) icon on the mini-map.

These missions are interesting, and a unique GTA Online experience, because they're going to force the player to play as Lamar or Franklin. If these prove popular, we could see older Grand Theft Auto characters brought back into the GTA universe through this system in the future. There's a lot Rockstar Games can do with the content they've developed over the years.

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