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*UPDATED* GTA Online Summer Update: New Missions - Business Battles, Adversary Modes, & Superyacht co-op missions

GTA Online is getting a ton of new content in the Summer Update which has now arrived!

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Along with other areas, GTA Online is getting plenty of new missions in the Summer Update.

Latest News - Summer Update NOW LIVE


The Summer Update is now live across all platforms. If you want the patch notes - head here to check them out.

Otherwise, keep reading to see what Rockstar has promised is arriving in the new patch.

6 new co-op mission

The first set of new missions in GTA Online Summer Update are now live.

You can launch them from bridge of your Galaxy Superyacht, or off your phone.

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CUT A DEAL: If you don't have one, Superyachts are now on sale!


The exact details of these missions haven't been revealed in order to avoid spoilers, however we do know a little bit.

Playable solo or with an Organization, the missions are described as "nautical vengeance". Which promises a lot of action!

Adversary Modes

Adversary Modes are some of the most engaging missions in GTA Online, pitting groups against each other in different exciting scenarios.

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BATTLE READY: Get set to compete in the casino!


The GTA Online Summer Update will bring in new Adversary Modes taking place at The Diamond Casino & Resort.

For those with a competitive desire, you can now play Every Bullet Counts, Slasher, and Resurrection among others at the Casino & Resort.

Business Battles

Business is booming in GTA Online, that is if you're strong enough to take your cut.

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The new Business Battles are revamped competitions that take place in new locations across the map.

gta online pink dot tech mask
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PUT ON A HAPPY FACE: Winning comes with a nice reward


One of these is an aircraft carrier! Fight and hack your way to the goods to earn a hefty pay-day.

Through 19 August players can earn the Pink Dot Tech Mask by winning a Business Battle.

Summer Update

The Summer Update will be live 11 August, so be ready to dive right into the action!

gta online summer update new location heists
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Along with these new missions, we'll also get a dozen new cars to try out, and new races to build for.