Is GTA V Expanded & Enhanced coming to PC?

GTA V is a cultural and financial hit and has been since its launch in 2013. With an excellent single-player and constantly updating multiplayer, it was only a matter of time until we heard more.

Aside from a few rumours of the next game, things have been rather quiet in regards to next-gen, but a recent announcement points at the future of the series.


On May 18, it was announced that GTA V would be making its way to current-gen consoles with new improvements and a standalone multiplayer mode.


Slated for release in November 11, 2021, it gives players a few more months to get their hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X in time. Unfortunately, no news was shared on a potential update for PC.

Will GTA V Expanded & Enhanced Come To PC?


PC updates are always a bit strange. They don't have big hardware jumps like console players do, opting for small but noticeable changes each year, with new graphics cards and better capabilities.

For this reason, it all depends on what the new features will add. Unfortunately, we don't know all that much about them yet but can probably guarantee a graphics update and maybe even a ray tracing update if we're lucky.

Right now, most of this is already achievable through the modding scene so it's hard to determine what is worth updating at this point.

This all being said, PC players will likely get a standalone multiplayer mode, like consoles, to help save on memory space and make room for the future of GTA V.

It is very driven by its online community so it makes sense they would sink even more time and resources into this mode.