Five of the Best GTA 5 Mods You Need to Try

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Mods aren't the first thing you tend to think of when Grand Theft Auto 5 is brought up, partially due to the efforts of Rockstar and Take-Two who seem determined to stamp out the modding scene entirely.

Despite their best efforts, however, the modding community for GTA 5 is continuing to thrive with thousands of mods available for players to download on websites such as Nexus Mods or the aptly named GTA 5 Mods.


Here are five mods that you should try out in the GTA 5 Story Mode.

GTA 5 Mods: PRSA - Photorealistic San Andreas

A screenshot of the Photorealistic San Andreas mod taken from it's Nexus Mods page

When it comes to the world of modding, there are few things more popular than graphical enhancements/overhauls to keep older games feeling fresh. GTA 5 is no different, with a large variety of mods that bring unique flairs to the streets of Los Santos.


One of the more popular mods within this category is Photorealistic San Andreas or PRSA for short. This mod sets out to emulate the feel of different styles of camera seen in cinema and photography, allowing the user to create their look while also enhancing the game. It is also compatible with weather mods.

GTA 5 Mods: R.E.A.L. - GTA 5 VR

A screenshot of a first-person perspective GTA

GTA 5 has long since had its first-person camera mode by this point but what if you could take that view to the extreme by actually seeing through the eyes of the player? Well, that's what R.E.A.L aims to do by making GTA 5 VR compatible and allowing players to explore Los Santos like never before.


GTA 5 Mods: Pull Me Over

A screenshot from the download page of the Pull Me Over GTA 5 Mod.

The police officers in GTA 5 are known more for putting bullets in you than their sense of protocol which, while the entire point of the satire of GTA's world; is a little strange. So what if the cops in Los Santos did their jobs like they're supposed to? Well, Pull Me Over brings us one step closer to that reality by introducing cops that will stop the player for various traffic violations including speeding, using their phone or even just driving a damaged car.

Is it the most glorious mod in the world? No, probably not. It makes for a very interesting twist to the GTA 5 experience though and you should check it out.


GTA 5 Mods: Open All Interiors

A screenshot from the mod page for the Open All Interiors GTA 5 Mod

Open world games provide some of the best map designs in the industry. A common problem many of them have, however, is that a lot of the interiors scattered around the world are closed off. Sealed away to save on resources. Open All Interiors does exactly what it says on the tin and opens 60+ interiors hidden within the game, making them accessible to the player while exploring the map. It even goes as far as to have NPCs populate these areas to make them feel more alive.

GTA 5 Mods: Real California Architecture

A screenshot from the GTA 5 mods page of Real California Architecture

Since the last few years have seen many of us stuck indoors and unable to travel, the idea of a holiday has never seemed more appealing but for those that still can't find the time to escape to the sunshine, there is good news. You can now see the sunny sights of California from your very own home in GTA 5. Real California Architecture replaces various different signs, buildings and more across the map of Los Santos to better reflect their real-life counterparts.

A simple mod for the adventurer stuck at home.