Genshin Impact Windbrew Guide

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Genshin Impact's Windblume Festival enters its second week with Act II now available, Missive of Wind and Fog.

Act II's Windbrew has players helping Margaret of the Cat's Tail develop a non-alcoholic drink for Windblume Festival patrons.

Table of Contents

During the Invitation of Windblume events, Venti will be keeping an eye on players and interacting with them throughout, similar to Xiao in the Lantern Festival events of Genshin Impact 1.3.


Festive Anecdotes of the Genshin Impact Windblume Festival

Angel statue with dandelion seeds
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WINDBLUME: The festival begins!

Flavor of the Month is the Second quest of Act II, one of many Festive Anecdotes of the Windblume Festival.

It is a limited quest only available during the event's duration.

The quest is available today and will run until April 5, 2021.

There are three total quests in Act II: Missive of Wind and Fog:


The guide below covers the Missive of Wind and Fog quest of Act II.

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Missive of Wind and Fog Rewards

Each of the three Act I: Ode to Flower and Cloud quests provide the following rewards:

  • Missive of Wind and Fog
    • Primogems x60
    • Mora x30,000
    • Hero's Wit x3
  • Flavor of the Month
    • Primogems x20
    • Mora x20,000
    • Hero's Wit x2
  • Windbrew
    • Primogems x20
    • Mora x20,000
    • Hero's Wit x2

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Genshin Impact Flavor of the Month Walkthrough

Margaret in front of the Cat's Tail
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Margaret: Time to make a new drink

Act II's Windbrew quest has players helping Margaret come up with a new drink that has the wind's flavor.

Since passed-out festival-goers are not an attractive sight, she wishes to make the drink tasty but non-alcoholic.

To start the quest, players must talk to Margaret outside the Cat's Tail, in the alley next to The Good Hunter restaurant.

Map location of Rather Fine Dandelion Seeds
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SEEDS: Only Rather Fine Dandelion Seeds will do

Here is the basic flow of the quest:

  1. Talk to Margaret in Mondstadt
  2. Choose an ingredient (this guide assumes the player chooses Dandelion Seeds)
  3. Head to Starsnatch Cliff to the area marked on the map above
  4. Defeat the Anemo Slimes
  5. Gather the three Rather Fine Dandelion Seeds
  6. Talk to Margaret
  7. Mix the drink at the table next to Margaret
    1. First, add Sweetflower
    2. Then add Milk
    3. Windwheel Aster is next
    4. Let it sit
    5. Add the Dandelion Seeds
    6. Add ice
  8. Deliver the drink to Margaret
  9. Talk to Nimrod, Aramis, and Nora, in order, at the locations marked on the map below
  10. Talk to Margaret
Map location of future patrons
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MAP: Where to find Nimrod, Aramis, and Nora

This quest is fairly straightforward and only requires around 15 minutes to complete.


Players will need a character with Anemo to collect the Rather Fine Dandelion Seeds, blowing the puffs from the flowers before the seeds can be obtained.

When mixing the drink for Margaret, the players do not need to have the ingredients on-hand; they only need to choose the order of the steps in its creation correctly.

Once players have talked to Margaret after finding the three patrons, they will be rewarded with 20 Primogems and other goodies.

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