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Who are The Seven in Fortnite?

fortnite the seven

As Fortnite continues to develop its overarching story through various Chapters and Seasons, it's become clear that some long-term stories might not be concluded for some time. One of those stories is 'Who are The Seven'.

This group of mysterious beings is only partly unveiled as four characters are known so far. What is known, however, is their motives. Here's everything we know about 'The Seven' in Fortnite so far as we head towards Chapter 3.

Who are The Seven?

The Seven, in the simplest terms, are a group of beings fighting towards a common goal. There is a theory that each of The Seven is the same individual but from different dimensions. Only four are known so far;

Each of the members, even if they are the same person from different dimensions, is fighting toward the same goals. First and foremost, they want to stop the Imagined Order and their rule over the Island.

fortnite the foundation
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They also want to ensure that the Zero Point is free and liberated from under the control of the IO. Finally, they wish to put an end to The Loop. For those unaware, The Loop is essentially the explanation behind the Battle Royale aspect of Fortnite. It explains how the storm was created and how we, as The Loopers, can repeatedly play through matches.

Unknown Members

There are still three unknown members of The Seven as of Chapter 2, Season 8. We could soon discover the identity of at least one more member as we transition into Chapter 3.

The Foundation is likely to return as we make the leap forward but it's about time that we had a new member revealed to us. Their presence has been fairly prominent throughout Chapter 2 leading many to believe that we're due for more reveals and possible even a big blow-off event where The Seven and the Imagined Order settle their differences.

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